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Hey look so many people have asked me for backing tracks and i have found my inbox stuffed full with requests. I am afraid i have one hell of a full life at the moment and things have been hectic to say the least. What with my Gibson SG neck snapping, Speakers Blown and more work than i can possibly handle shame its not all gigs really. A real dire Year. I do apologise to anyone who has emailed me and have received no reply. If you are still looking for tracks just email me. To those people asking if i made the tracks i have put on here yes is the answer but i have no time at the moment to make anymore so enjoy what i have posted for the current time at least. Also those asking for backings if and when i can do them or if i have them please limit your requests to just two as it is impossible for me to go through huge lists.
In the meantime i have two good sites for you to Google and check out. One is just sign up and enter into search Guitar Backing Tracks. Take it from me these are brilliant tracks and have no fade outs at all. You can have them with lead guitar nout or all guitars out or just the Ryth sections left in. None have any backing vocals. Priced at £0.70p each. Excellent quality.
Also SBI America another grand site! But i prefer to use the US site and pay in dollars as these tracks in Sterling can be quite expensive but again supreme quality. It makes really it not worthwile making these tracks. Ok if you have plenty of time on your hands all well and good but i just don't have the time to commit to making new material.
Hi to all and i am still here but will pop in a lot more than i have done. Rock On Dudes!!!:bannana_g
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