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Some here are familiar with a wet/dry/wet guitar rig. I have just got some soundboard recordings of my band, and it'll give you a good example of what it sounds like. Basically, my rig is a Wolfgang into a 5150. From there, the 5150 goes into a THD Hotplate. I have two 5150 cabinets that have been split in stereo. The speaker outs from the THD Hotplate goes into the middle two speakers of the cabinets. The THD line out goes into a G Major, then to a power amp, then to the two outer speakers left and right. I wish the soundman would have out more "dry" guitar sound into the mix...but you be the judge. There's a slew of tunes to listen to. All electric guitar is me. :woot: Enjoy.
(all the MP3 files are wet/dry/wet electric guitar)
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