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First things first, these releases were incredibly rare to begin with, are long out of print and not available to purchase

i'm posting this due to the utter confusion over Sourpuss [with Brody Dalle in it] releases............that other band is called sourpuss los angeles and had NO affiliation

these are the ONLY real Sourpuss releases from Brody Dalle's pre-Distillers band, when she lived in Australia and was well, about 18 i think

Dormant 7" Single 160kbps mp3s ripped from the vinyl....quality ok but it seems the recording was pretty raw to begin with

check here for a link to the vinyl actually sold at auction [proving its authenticity!]

Tabouli 7" Single 128 kbps ripped from the vinyl but very good transfer and quality recording

check here for a link to where i found the mp3s, with the vinyl sleeve showing the song titles CLEARLY on it!

hope this clears up some of the ambiguity surrounding her pre-distillers releases:rock:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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