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Stevie Ray Vaughan-Jones Beach July 8, 1990
Wantagh-New York AUD Recording

This is the first upload so I hope that it works okay.

This show is from July 8, 1990. I am not sure the linage, but I know that it is an AUD show. Also not sure who the taper was. This was sent to me by a friend overseas.


Collins Shuffle
The House Is Rockin'
The Things I Used To Do
Let Me Love You
(You'd Better) Leave My Little Girl Alone
You'll Be Mine
Riviera Paradise
Wall Of Denial
Cold Shot
Couldn't Stand The Weather
Collin's Shuffle **

**This is where Voodoo Chile would normally be. I do not know why Collin's Shuffle was reprised at this show, or if possible Voodoo Chile was played and not taped.


As I said, I hope this works. I am in the process of buying a better computer with larger storage capacity and much faster. This crashed a couple of times when I uploaded so hopefully it will work for you.


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I don't think Voodoo was played that day but "In the Open" is missing as the real first track I think.
Quality is C to B-
The setlist as included in the rar file should be this:

1. Collins Shuffle
2. The House Is Rockin'
3. Tightrope
4. The Things (That) I Used To Do
5. Let Me Love You Baby
6. Leave My Girl Alone
7. Look At Little Sister
8. You'll Be Mine
9. Riviera Paradise
10. Wall Of Denial
11. Superstition
12. Cold Shot
13. Couldn't Stand The Weather
14. Collins Shuffle
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