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This quartet was Elvis' favorite. They did boogie-woogie gospel in the 50's. This group is tenor Denver Crumpler (who passed away in 1957), lead Jake Hess (Elvis' hero who sang with his group the Imperials on Elvis' LP How Great Thou Art), baritone Doy Ott, bass Big Chief James Wetherington (whose death in 73 devastated Elvis) and pianist Hovie Lister. Elvis would join the Statesmen on stage in this period and is said to have listened to this group more than others. They were his favorite.
Back in that day, groups had 2 versions of songs. Those sold to the public and those played on the radio. These were never sold to the public and only for radio play. These are all the RCA Thesaurus Transcriptions by the Statesmen with Denver Crumpler, considered to be their best years. Recorded directly from 16" discs. Recorded around 1955-1956 in New York RCA Studios.
1. Walk Dem Golden Stairs
2. At The End Of The Trail
3. Do Right & Come Shining Through
4. I'll Tell It
5. When The Morning Comes
6. Mercy Lord
7. I Know It Was The Lord
8. This Old House
9. Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel
10. If The World Would Pray For Peace
11. Since Jesus Spoke Peace To Me
12. Waiting For His Return
13. Go Right Out
14. Wait Upon The Lord
15. Crown Him King
16. Church Twice On Sunday
17. I'm Living With Jesus
18. New-Born Feeling
19. I Found It In Mother's Bible
20. There's A Light In My Soul
21. Hard Trials Will Soon Be Over
22. On Revival Day

Includes CD art. Please share, but never sell.
File Name: SQ unreleased RCA recordings with Denver Crumpler.rar
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