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hi all,
have a mystery in hands, hoping someone can shed some light:
I rehearse with the band in a place where they rent rooms by the hour, most of them are pretty decent. Recently we played in one (the best they have, kind of a studio) where my Stratocaster started making a lot of static, kind of cracking noise.
I was using a Peavey amp they there, so I tried a Marshall. Same noises. Now the other guitarist, also with a Strat had no noises at all with any of them. I tried his cable, still had noises, so eventually blamed the guitar (shame on me...). Got home, plugged it to my Fender amp, no noise at all. Took my Les Paul, no noise at home, same problem in that room with any amp, cable. Quite annoying, really.
Been doing some googling, it seems it could be a mix of that room being carpeted; the AC that reduces humidity; my clothes and shoes; etc.

Has anyone else had problems with static electricity? How did you get passed them? Do my findings make sense?


PS: the other guitarist doesn't let me touch his Strat now, he's afraid I'll charge it with static :cry:
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