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Steel Panther
Sunset Strip Live
24/96 HD Audio Edition
December 29, 2017
House Of Blues - Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevada

Lineage: Church Audio CA-11 Cardioid Mics - > Church Audio Ugly 2 Preamp (Gain setting +15db) -> Sony PCM-M10 -> REC LEVEL 8.0 -> 24/96 WAV -> Mastered by rockphantom using Izotope RX4 & Ozone 5 -> Audacity 2.2.0 (tracking/fades) -> Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 (FLAC level 8 lossless compression & verification) -> YOU

Excellent audience recording!
Minimal crowd noise.

I visit my family in Las Vegas during the holidays every year.
Two weeks before heading west, I learned Steel Panther would be performing on December 29th at the House Of Blues.
I picked up two general admission tickets for $8.75 each on Groupon.
As luck would have it, I also won a pair of tickets via the Las Vegas House Of Blues Mailing list on the morning of the show.
A word to the wise! Steel Panther tickets grow on trees in Las Vegas.
Do not pay for them, as there is a good chance you'll be able to win a pair via the House Of Blues Las Vegas mailing list: House of Blues Las Vegas

My 40th birthday was on December 30th, so I was happy to spend the last few hours of my thirties with one of my favorite bands.
The December 29th Las Vegas show was billed as the all-new "Sunset Strip Live". I had no idea what to expect.
I was simply hoping the Vegas performance would be significantly different from what I experienced in Dallas on March 16, 2017.
It turns out the "Sunset Strip Live" show was a tribute to the hard rock titans of the 80's.
This set was 25 minutes shorter than the typical Steel Panther performance and featured no encores!
I continued taping for several minutes after "Paradise City", hoping for an an extra song or two. No dice!
I assume Mandalay Bay wants people out on the casino floor gambling their money away, posthaste!

The 2017 year end Las Vegas gig primarily consisted of covers of Dial MTV staples.
I thought it was a fun show, even though I prefer Steel Panther's original material over interpretations of stale rock hits.
I consider my recording of the Sin City show to be the "B-side" of my Dallas 2017 Steel Panther capture.
Grab my Dallas master if you've missed it!
There was a howling heifer next to me. You may hear her from time to time (MOOOO!).
Thankfully, she doesn't detract from the enjoyment of this recording.

I should mention that sneaking my gear into the Las Vegas House Of Blues was a pain in the ass!!
Being treated like a criminal at a venue takes some fun out of the live experience!

On a related note, I attempted to tape L.A. Guns at Count's Vamp'd on December 30th.
I was prohibited from doing so by venue security, as the L.A. Guns show was being filmed for official release.
This was confirmed by Phil Lewis during the gig.
L.A. Guns performed an extended set featuring many deep cuts!
A 2CD/1DVD L.A. Guns Las Vegas December 30, 2017 set should be released this year by Frontiers Records.
The L.A. Guns gig at Count's Vamp'd was stellar, so BUY the Las Vegas 2017 recording when it is released!

If you want the 24/96 version of my Steel Panther master, grab it from the following newsgroups:

alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.24bit, alt.binaries.sounds.flac, or alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.bootlegs

I have learned there is little demand for high resolution audience recordings on the torrent scene.


techtuts: Ozone 5 template

Steel Panther:

Vocals: Michael Starr - Ralph Michael Saenz
Lead Guitar: Satchel - Russell John Parish
Bass Guitar: Lexxi Fox - Travis Haley
Drums: Stix Zadinia - Darren Leader

[01] Intro (1:02)
[02] Kickstart My Heart (4:21) - Motley Crue
[03] Nothin' But A Good Time (4:05) - Poison
[04] Sunset Strip Live banter (4:06)
[05] Band Introductions #1 (1:47)
[06] La Grange (tease) (0:45) - ZZ Top
[07] Band Introductions #2 (4:03)
[08] Eyes Of A Panter (3:53)
[09] Up All Night (4:01) - Slaughter
[10] Stage banter - Guitar Medley (1:42)
[11] The Final Countdown (intro) (1:01)
[12] The Final Countdown (1:38) - Europe
[13] stage banter (2:05)
[14] Livin' On A Prayer (4:04) - Bon Jovi
[15] Sexy Baby (improv tune) (3:03)
[16] stage banter (2:16)
[17] Jump (4:07) - Van Halen
[18] stage banter (4:52)
[19] Hot From A Distance (improv) (0:27)
[20] Girl From Oklahoma (intro) (1:59)
[21] Girl From Oklahoma (5:01)
[22] girls on stage banter (2:47)
[23] Photograph (2:44) - Def Leppard
[24] Youth Gone Wild (3:40) - Skid Row
[25] hot bitches banter (0:45)
[26] Community Property (3:52)
[27] show closing banter (0:42)
[28] Paradise City (6:30) - Guns N' Roses

Running Time: 81 minutes
Total Size: 1.45GB

HELP: Does anyone else out there own the TP Link Archer C5400 Tri-Band MU-MIMO Wireless AC5400 Gigabit Router?
I am using it with a Windows 10 machine and am unable to properly open ports for torrenting. I use qBitorrent 4.0.3 as my client.
I have plenty of experience properly opening ports on routers in the past. However, I can't figure out how to properly open ports on the Archer C5400 Tri-Band MU-MIMO Wireless AC5400 Gigabit Router.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

REQ: An uncompressed capture of the Bad Company Dallas, TX 2016-09-08 AXS TV broadcast.

REQ: Any uncirculated Guns N' Roses audio/video from the SLASH ERA in lossless format.
Does anyone have a recording of the Guns N' Roses performance at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas
on September 4, 1992? If so, please share!

REQ: Any uncirculated Journey/Steve Perry lossless audio/video.

I plan to upload this recording to DIME, The Trader's Den, and Usenet (a.b.sounds.lossless.24.bit, a.b.sounds.flac, a.b.sounds.lossless.bootlegs).

You are welcome to upload this recording to any blog/file locker/forum/non-music themed tracker as long as the *ENTIRE* file set is available for FREE download!

Download my releases via Usenet:  NZBIndex - We index, you search 

I don't want anyone on Earth to spend a penny on this recording!!
Respect my wishes, eBay parasite SCUM!!

January 7, 2018
Dallas/Fort Worth (Arlington)



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