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Steely Dan -
Manhattan Center Studios, N.Y.C. for the Album Network
October 17, 1995

Millenium All Stars

Interview, playback* and live concert to promote the release of the
Alive In America album.

FM Broadcast -> Cassette -> 3rd(?) generation cassette -> WAV -> FLAC6

Genius: Donald Fagen
SubGenius: Walter Becker

Drums: Peter Erskine
Bass: Tom Barney
Guitar: Drew Zingg
Saxophones: Cornelius Bumpus, Bob Shepphard, Chris Potter
Piano: John Beasley
Vibes & Percussion: Bill Ware III
Background Vocals: Diane Garisto, Catherine Russell, Brenda White-King

Interview: Dave Herman
Engineer: Roger Nichols

Track listing:

-Intro and Interview; Segment 1
-Interview; Segment 2
-Kid Charlemagne*
-Interview; Segment 3
-Interview; Segment 4
-Reelin' In The Years*
02-(cut)Green Earrings
03-Babylon Sisters
05-Band Intro
06-East St. Louis Toodle-Oo

* These songs are from Alive In America and are played by the host
during the interview. They have been removed from the upload.

Not much to this recording, but what IS there is mighty nice. It's
an FM recording taken from 3rd generation cassette and I would be
remiss if I were to say there's "No Static At All". It's mostly
just at the start, and it's not too bad. Missing from this recording
is 'Bad Sneakers' just after the interview and a bit of 'Green Earrings'.

I haven't come across another live recording of 'East St. Louis Toodle-oo'.


02-(cut)Green Earrings.flac:0a41a6ea35baf5f365432dbdfc7d7fab
03-Babylon Sisters.flac:aa956f9f005e08d33ff84094409dc86a
05-Band Intro.flac:2456bb8f2129d724a47992b020bfb8dd
06-East St Louis Toodle-oo.flac:43c27294b967661610d45bdc05d8ffc9

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