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Steely Dan -
Metal Leg;

Capricorn Records (CR2045)

Remastered/retracked by TheTooleMan
August 2008

SBD > boot > ? > SHN > TTD > TheTooleMan (Sound Forge) > FLAC

First, thanks to the reseed of the bootleg "Metal Leg" by orlosperry. His copy of this recording was much better than mine, which I've had since 2002. However, as with my copy, the recording was running too fast and the sound was equalized so that dogs would find it irritating.

This version has the pitch corrected (-35 cents, approximately) and has been equalized to reduce ultra-high frequencies while giving the bass a lot more punch.

In addition to the changes above, I have moved the last two tracks of the bootleg to what I believe is their proper position in the Steely Dan set lists of 1974. "Bodhisattva" usually started their shows, and was followed by "The Boston Rag," then "Do It Again." On the "Metal Leg" recordings, there is a fade out/fade in between track 12, "My Old School" and track 13, "Bodhisattva," which indicates some changes from the original sequence. Some applause and other stage announcements have been removed, which would have helped with placing the venues, performance dates, and song sequence, but that's all we got to work with, folks!

Here's a little more supporting info for my changes to the track sequence. This comment was posted by jaydee on August 13, 2008 on the "Memphis Blues Again" remaster torrent. (see The Traders' Den)

"Shaun - will certainly be interesting to hear your work on this Dan curio, being two part-shows shoved together.

"First part-show on the CD (well, my copy anyway) is Irvine 10 march 74, and seems to have the correct track list, being exactly the same as the 'Calling from Rikki' bootleg, but minus the last two tracks of that boot (reelin' and mobile home).

"Second part-show on my copy is labelled as being from the day before (9 march 74) and just says 'san diego ca.', though other versions have it as 'sopwith camel, glendale ca.'.

"This second show is clearly mis-tracked - last two tracks (Bodhisattva and Boston Rag) were obviously played first, as at other 74 gigs - and Donald actually says 'good evening' after Bod.

"That's my view of it, anyway - looking forward to your 'edition' !"

For what it's worth, I do believe the tracks of the two alleged shows do belong together. There were some differences in the recording quality between the recordings labeled "March 9, 1974" and "March 10, 1974." The March 10 set had much more high frequency information. Each of the two sets were re-equalized differently in this version.

Complaints about this version of "Metal Leg" should be directed to my complaint department, managed by Helen Wait. If you have a complaint, go to Helen Wait.


August, 2008

March 10, 1974, University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA
01 Do It Again
02 Rikki Don't Lose That Number
03 Any Major Dude Will Tell You
04 King Of The World
05 Barrytown
06 My Old School
07 Pretzel Logic

March 9, 1974, Sopwith Camel, Glendale, CA*
08 Bodhisattva
09 The Boston Rag
10 Do It Again
11 Rikki Don't Lose That Number
12 Any Major Dude Will Tell You
13 King Of The World
14 My Old School

*Some sources say this was recorded in San Diego, but as we know, Steely Dan played JJ's Bar and Grill in San Diego on March 23, 1974. I'm going with Glendale on this date - smt

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