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Stephen Malkmus
La Trastienda,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Original Taper: Rony Kohn
Source: Custom Stereo Mics > Sony MZ-NF810 MD
Transfer: NF810 > RCA Cable > Sound Blaster PCI 128 > Cool Edit Pro > WAV > SHN > flac

01 We Dance
02 Trigger Cut
03 New Song
04 Blue Arrangements (Silver Jews Song)
05 Church On White
06 Here
07 New Song
08 In The Mouth A Desert
09 New Song
10 New Song
11 Maker of Modern
12 Spit On A Stranger
13 Father To A Sister Of Thought
14 Elevate Me Later
15 No More Blues
16 Jenny & The Ess Dog / Encore Break
17 Cut Your Hair (Intro)
18 Animal Midnight
19 Range Life

The show started around 23:30 hs with an electric version of We Dance followed by Trigger Cut. Then he played Blue Arrangements (Silver Jews song), Church On White, Here, In The Mouth A Desert and some new songs (not in this particular order).
After the end of Spit On A starnger he said "Momento, baño. Un momento por favor" (Wait a moment, Bathroom. Just a moment please) and then he run to the bathroom, he came back in two or three minutes to play a great version of Father To A Sister Of Thought.
When he came back for the encore, a good part of the audience was singing the intro for Trigger Cut, the last time he played in Buenos Aires (2002) the audience ask him to play Trigger Cut for the enocre but he didn´t, this time he sang the beginning of the song with the audience and then started to play Animal Midnight. The show ended with a really great version of Range Life.

This is the original txt from the original taper, i was in the show, was fantastic, except for a beer bottle that was on the flor and making noise during the show.
I don't had seen malkmus solo on guitar on internet, so this is unique.
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