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The Steve Hillage Band - Cobo Arena, Detroit 22/2/77

D101 - ?
D102 Hurdy Gurdy Man
D103 - ?
D104 - ?
D105 It's All Too Much

Linage - Cassette (2) > MacG5 Soundtrack Pro > Wavs > Zip > you.

Quite nice sound (for the year) - 7/10

I got his in a trade 25 years ago. on a TDK D60 tape with dolby off.
Unfortunatly this is not a complete show as there are some tape problems at the end of track 1.
I guess quite a bit of the show is lost there.

The .wavs I made on my Mac didnt want to be converted to FLACs for some reason - So I've just uploaded the wavs.

Hillage is touring the UK in Novemebr 2009 with Gong - If its half the show they put on in London last year 2008 then
it'll be superb - go check them out.

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