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Just received several new batches of disks from my friend Kevin and Mozzarella Mike.
Thank you both for the discs.

Steve Vai
Iridium, New York, NY
May 11, 2016

Lineage:CD > EAC > FLAC


Bad Horsie
The Crying Machine
Gravity Storm
Tender Surrender

Passion and Warfare, side 1
Erotic Nightmares
The Animal
The Riddle
Ballerina 12/24
For the Love of God

Passion and Warfare, side 2

The Audience Is Listening
I Would Love To
Blue Powder
Greasy Kid's Stuff
Alien Water Kiss
Love Secrets
Stevie's Spanking
Racing the World
Fire Garden Suite IV - Taurus Bulba

Steve Vai - 2016-10-29 North Tonawanda NY flac.rar - FileFactory

1 - 7 of 7 Posts