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Steve Vai - The Blood & Tears

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Hi Guys,

I got the UltraZone CD and Transciption book for Christmas and thought I'd attempt to make my own version of Blood & Tears. I warn you now that my guitar skills are not really that good enough to do a Vai tune but I've always wanted to make one so here it is. I don't have a Whammy pedal, had to use my X-Vamp whammy emulation which is really bad sounding so had to improv those parts and also improv'ed or rearranged using similar notes on some parts as my technique could not cope...

Comments, p1ss takes & damnations welcome...:)
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I think this is great. The tone is excellent. You nailed this. It's a good backing track too. Any relation to the 'other G' on here cos you both have a knack of doing the Vai stuff.
Thanks for your comments Phil and for listening. Nope, no relation to the other 'G' guy. THis was my first attempt at a Vai tune, had to re-jig a few things cause some of the parts I thought sounded easy, in reality of playing it, it was really hard but that's Vai for you. The backing was the backing track that came with the UltraZone transcription book (naked Vamps backings) but this was rearranged and was a lot longer than the original tune as its designed to jam over so I sliced it up and used part of the original song as well (a bit naughty) but my backing is a little shorter but following the original more.....Thanks for taking the time to listen....:)
Hey Mondola, thanks for listening and your comments, hopefully with a lot of practice I can get a few more Vai tunes down and also provide the backings for others. :icon_thum
mondola said:
A great job, Justin. Looks like we have another Vai amongst us !

i agree :D
Thanks very much Yakamashii, cool website by the way...:)
hey i loved this steve cover man u really captured his technique quite good.

can u post the backing track to this cause it is excellent quality and even has the indian girl singing just like steve has
great version - I love the 1:36 bit. :thumb:
Hey V&S and GoPort.....

Thanks guys for checking it out and your comments, I've posted the backing track I used on the Backing Track Exchange section so feel free to download and have a go at it. I think its one of the easier Vai tunes to do but there are some tricky part and for me some impossible ones...hehe...

All the best,

Justin. :D
hi, the link doesn't work can i have please the backing tracks, thanks very well
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