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The video only covers 7 tunes of the entire show.

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Munich, West Germany
August 27, 1984

Source: Pro shot for broadcast on BR-Klassik.

DVD 1:
Scuttle Buttin'
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Cold Shot
Pride And Joy
Tin Pan Alley
Love Struck Baby
Mary Had A Little Lamb

Total time = 42:32

Stevie Ray Vaughan - vocals & guitar
Chris Layton - drums
Tommy Shannon - bass

Type: Video
Type: PAL, color, no menu but song by song chapters
Codec: MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)
Video resolution: 720x480
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 29.9700300

Type: Audio
Codec: DVD LPCM Audio (lpcm)
Channels: Stereo
Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Bits per sample: 16

94ee04d64f9baee2cf52a62bb27ec882 *VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.BUP
94ee04d64f9baee2cf52a62bb27ec882 *VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO
f1877a5edfcc1c80c3abf6523a50ecd3 *VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.VOB
b466f0160f5317d625d4b19afa47d440 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.BUP
b466f0160f5317d625d4b19afa47d440 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO
f53c63313854602f716e29990013f879 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB
35cfa3a327f5ce3f6b38a3dd3c4b6a46 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB
07e4debcec92bace8c6adee5dba6e3f1 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_3.VOB

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