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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Urheilutalo "Pyrintö" , Oulu, Finland
March 29, 1984

(not "YNNI", as it is stated in excellent Craig Hopkins´ book, YNNI was a completely different venue)

Audience recording made by M.J. & liberated by my friend E.H.
Recorder: Sony Walkman WM-?? with it´s integrated stereo microphone

Maxell UD 90 Master cassette (no dolby) - Yamaha KX-800 stereo cassette deck - MXR EQ - Philips 880 cd recorder - cdr - .wav - flac

This is a newly discovered master source - 2nd known source for this concert- from this brilliant show here in my hometown.
This version has not circulated before, and it is the better version of those 2 known sources.

I transferred the master using Yamaha deck (adjusted azimuth too) and did slight equalizing (low & high ends) a couple of days ago.
Sound quality on this recording starts with very good+ and end up excellent-, but I find it hard to say.
I am still so excited about the tape, it is much better than I ever dreamed having.

I did some c-cassette trades at the end of the eighties, copies of that 1st source tape have circulated since.

I personally had THE place to wiew the show, I was standing less than one meter in front of the Stevie Ray. I had a lesson in guitar playing that is hard to beat.
I also collected the guitarpicks SRV was‏ dropping during the show (I should have 2 of them somewhere).
This recording was made about 5 meters behind me, a perfect place to record the show. Great stereo image and good consistency throughout the tape.

The set was definitely a hot one, the highlights in my opinion are "The things (That) I used to do, Tin Pan Alley and Little Wing/3rd stone from the Sun medley.
You can hear the audience having a great time on this recording, fortunately not too many talks/screams nearby our dear bootlegger.

You can split it in 2 discs, since the recording is over 80 minutes:

Disc 1
0. Intro music
1. Scuttle buttin´
2. Testify
3. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
4. Honey Bee
5. The Things (that) I Used To Do
6. Pride And Joy
7. Tin Pan Alley
8. Mary Had A Little Lamb -(tape flip after this song)
9. Love Struck Baby
10. Texas Flood
11. Rude Mood
Disc 2
12. Little Wing
13. 3rd Stone From The Sun
14. Testify

After the show SRV and Double Trouble were having a jam session upstairs at Seurahuone restaurant (in Craig Hopkins´ great book it was mistakenly supposed to happen in a place called
"Vaakuna", famous hotel - the band probably stayed there), where finnish band Stalker was having their show. Check out the website
SRV, for pictures and stories.
Since I didn´t have a clue about the whole thing, I was not there even though my 18th birthday was the 30th (I could have gone in after midnight!).

Next morning we were having a sport lesson at the downstairs hall in Urheilutalo, and all the garbage from last night was in place in the men´s dressing room.
My friend (I was late -of course) collected all the cut out strings with SRV stringbags happily into his schoolbag. Sometimes at the beginning of the nineties,
I asked him about the stuff.
Too bad, his mother had placed everything in the trash can after he had moved away from home. Thanks Mum!

Crank it up and enjoy!


SRV - 1984-03-29 Urheilutalo mp3.rar - FileFactory

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