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Stevie Ray Vaughan with Lou Ann Barton, Robert Cray, and Curtis Salgado
KFAT "Fat Fry"
Gilroy, CA
August 20, 1979

1. Pride And Joy
2. Love Struck Baby
3. Wham
4. You Can Have My Husband
5. Tina Nina Nu
6. Maybe
7. Oh Yeah!
8. Sugar Coated Love
9. I'll Change
10. Hip Hip Baby
11. Collins Shuffle
12. In The Open
13. Empty Arms
14. Tin Pan Alley

Performance: Jack Newhouse is on bass, Chris Layton is on drums. Tracks 4-10 have Lou Ann Barton on vocals. 15+ minute Tin Pan Alley with Robert Cray on guitar and Curtis Salgado on harmonica.

Recording: KFAT-FM Broadcast


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oh, i'm there for this one...i'm far more interested in early SRV than the later cleaned-up clear-headed stevie to be perfectly honest. much as i was grateful that he didn't drink himself to death (or otherwise) like he prob would have.
maybe because i was ridiculously fortunate to have seen him a couple of times in the early 80s when he was just being 'discovered' - SO exciting to see him when nearly no-one knew who he was! but then, i did see him a bunch more times through 1989 too.

the absolute abandon in the way he played early on was the best.

thanks to bootlegDVD-guy, to the first uploader and thanks to whoever grabbed this off the radio so long ago!

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thanx. @rocdoc-the one guy that I wished I could've seen live. you're fortunate. i have the dvd's, but it really doesn't cut it compared to live.
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