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Stevie Ray Vaughan
Manor Downs
Manor, TX
18 march 1985

Disc 1
Scuttle Buttin'
Say What
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Tin Pan Alley *
Dirty *
Honey Bee *
Texas Flood *
Texas Flood - continued *

Disc 2
So Excited *
Come On (Part III)
Instrumental - slow variation of Say What
Pride And Joy / Boot Hill
The Sky Is Crying
Rude Mood
Love Struck Baby *
Cold Shot *

* joined by a 2-pc. horn section - Smokin' Joe Subblet
* the ONLY known time Stevie sang the lyrics to So Excited
So Excited with lyrics (only known time Stevie did this):

Well, I'm so excited, darlin'...
every time I think of you
so excited, baby
every time I think of you
Makin' love to you, baby,
is all I ever want to do.

You're like a four leaf clover, baby
a four leaf clover in my hand
bring your love right over darlin'

***Stevie finished with LWY & Testify.
"Life Without You" doesn't have lyrics yet. Charley Wirz, founder of Charley's Guitars and for whom the song was dedicated, died February 3, 1985 of a heart attack, just seven weeks before this show. This may be one of the first public performances of the song.

Download this bootleg here

Lots more Stevie Ray Vaughan bootlegs here:
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