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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Opry House , Austin TX; August 10, 1982

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Stevie Ray Vaughan
Opry House , Austin TX
August 10, 1982

Audience recording

unknow gen chrome tape->Hitachi D-e11->my PC
CDWAV->ezcddax-> flac->you

1)Drivin South
2)Tell me
3)Things i used to do
4)Love struck baby
5)Pride & Joy
6)May i have a little talk with you
7)Lttle wing/3Rd stone from the sun

early Stevie, strange song-order, just come back from Montreux jazz festival
in maybe the biggest hall of his career ( in 1982!)
Lot's of cheer from fellow Austin people,
this is the step of Stevie from small clubs to big hall...

SRV - 1982-08-10 Austin, TX FLAC.rar - FileFactory
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