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Sting -
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles;
July 27, 1988

Lineage: SBD > ? > Flac

original notes:
Although I forgot where I grabbed this from...
I convince that this is NOT famous CD "Art Of Heart"...but sounds EXCELLENT!!!
By request, here another "Art Of Heart".

For your sweet memories of 80's;)

Do NOt sell and don't convert lossy...



Disc 1
Someone To Watch Over Me
Sister Moon
The Lazarus Heart/ Too Much Information
Englishman In New York
Rock Steady
Straight To My Heart
One World (Not Three)
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down

Disc 2
Lonely House
The Idiot Bastard Son (original by Frank Zappa)
I Don't Wanna Be (performed by Dolette McDonald)
The Promise (performed by Delmar Brown)
Blasphemy (performed by Kenny Kirkland & Branford Marsalis)
They Dance Alone
Consider Me Gone

Disc 3
King Of Pain
Be Still My Beating Heart
Walking In Your Footsteps
Little Wing/ From Me To You
The Secret Marriage
Don't Stand So Close To Me
Mack The Knife
Caro Mio Ben
Ne Me Quitte Pas
Home On The Range
Every Breath You Take

Total Time: 2:53:00


A note:
In 1988, he released the single "They Dance Alone" which chronicled the plight of the mothers, wives and daughters of the "disappeared", the political opponents of the regime killed by the Pinochet Government in Chile. Unable to publicly voice their grievances to the government about their missing loved ones, for fear that they would "go missing" too, the women of Chile would pin photos of their "disappeared" relatives on their clothing, and dance in silent outrage against the government in public places. Later, Sting would perform the song on stage in Chile and Argentina, dancing with some of those same women. He has said it was one of the most moving moments in his life.
...I was there...

Thanks Sting, for your support in the hard times of the 80's!!!

The artwork included is of other version.

Filenames, tags, checksums and some changes in the info by goa.

July 2010

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