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This is a collaboration by four guitarists of the song, Story Of The Blues by Gary Moore.
MareGoldnHr "Mare" - intro guitar solo and all the vocals
Tumbleweed477 "Weed" - all rhythm guitar parts, all the mixing, and 1st
lead of end guitar solo
waldo - all the fill guitar parts and 2nd lead of end guitar solo
vintage_brat "Keith" - 3rd lead of end guitar solo
I want to thank my cohorts, my friends- Weed, waldo, and Keith for doing this collaboration with me and for their awesome guitar work. "Mare and the boys" offer this to you for your listening pleasure. And the team would like to say "If ya don't like's Weed's fault!" :)



wow great cover . excellent vox mare,nice to hear what ya really sound like!!!! killa work waldo weed and vintage, great work on the backing weed sounds killa!!!! :icon_evil :wtf:
1 - 20 of 129 Posts
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