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String Rattle..Help Please.

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Ok last month I bought a new Epi Les Paul Standard Plus Pro and it has been great.It has had a setup done. But yesterday I wanted to try a different brand of strings.
So I thought I would try Ernie Ball Colbalt. I kept the same gauge and all but my G string rattles only when played open.If I fret it it fine on every single fret.

Just a bit of history over the last month.
I put 9's on it after buying and yes it was setup for that gauge.I want 10's but nerve damage has stopped that.
Anyway I tried out my usual D Addario's for a week,then I tried out some EB Slinky's for a week.
So yesterday I wanted to try something else So I got the EB Cobalt and that G string is annoying the hell out of me.

I went through every nut,screw, name it and made sure again that they were all tight and they are.

Only reason I been using different strings is that for years I have used Addarios and for the most part liked them but they have always been a bit too bright sounding for me,but most of all I hate how clanky they sound. Well so far the EB Cobalts have no clanky sound and not quiet as bright sounding.

Also I did install a new Tusq nut on it,I really dislike those stock plastic nuts.Stays in tune better and seems to let the notes ring better.
All strings are the same height at nut,checked with Feeler gauges.I even raised the bridge up just to rule out any fret buzz,nope still does it.

Now while plucking open G I kept my ear close to the guitar and started at the body and slowly moved up to the head.It sounds loudest at the headstock. I have gripped onto the nut and tuners to rule that out,all was good.
The only way I have been able to stop the rattle is just rest my finger behind the nut with enough pressure to make it go sharp.
None of the other string sets did this ever,just this last time.

Any ideas? Possible bad string? I did hear a slight pop sound while stringing up that G,so not sure what may have happened there.
Sorry for long post,just wanted to let all now right off what I have checked.
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