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Hey, Its Easter Sunday, so "Hallelujah!", it must be a good time for a Stryper boot. I'm a certified atheist myself so I wasn't keen on the bible throwing antics of these boys, but fair play to them, they wrote a few decent rock tunes.
Here's a show I was lucky enough to be at (on a freebie to support the "support" band Briar) and I was won over - went home and bought the records. So can't be bad.

Hammersmith Odeon, London, Uk.
30th May 1987.

101 The Abyss
102 To Hell With The Devil
103 Makes Me Wanna Sing
104 Free
105 Holding On
106 Rocking The World
107 Honestly
108 More Than A Man
109 The Rock That Makes Me Roll
110 All Of Me
(Disc 1: 44 minutes)
201 The Way
202 Intro/Solos
203 Calling On You
204 In Cheese We Trust
205 You Know What To Do
206 C'mon Rock
207 Battle Hymn
208 Singalong Song
209 Soldiers Under Command
(Disc 2: 44 minutes)

Sound quality: Probably a 7 but should sound good with a bit of tweaking.

p.s.Beware. This boot contains some of the cheesiest banter you are ever likely to hear - especially on 204 !!

(as posted at the Deep Purple Hub)
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