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This is something I wrote a couple of years ago for a friend....never thought of it at the time as lyrics, so I apologise if it doesn't really fit in here.

Summers End Eve’s

The light is fading on a summers eve,
Another day over and night on its way.
The suns brilliant rays in various hues,
Casting subdued colours over the land.

The leaves rustle gently up in the old trees,
A warm breeze is blowing in onto the shore.
The swallows are dancing and leaping about,
The nightingale singing in time with their flight.

In my minds eye we’re standing alone,
Listening intently to evenings silence abound.
Our hands are entwined in tender caress,
Kindred spirits of life’s ups and downs.

The lessening breeze blows warming our hearts,
Bringing together our joys and our fears.
Two people together but still all alone,
In twilight’s last bloom finding lost love.

The moon starts to rise along with the stars,
As the suns final farewell has gone on before.
Our souls join together like the sea and the shore,
Overlapping, entwining, caressing and sharing.

If only to meet at summers end nights,
Then life will be worth all the trials and spite.
To have found another with thoughts so alike,
Summers end nights will stay with me to eternity.

My minds eye closes slowly blocking sweet dreams,
But I know that another tomorrow will bring.
My love for you darling is stronger than sorrow,
Longing to hold you close for now and forever.

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:bowdown: Missy - this is pure poetry. you really have done a great job.

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Very sweet Missy. That's awesome. Good job girl. :) Very lovely
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