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Suzanne Vega - Demo Tapes
(Excellent studio [email protected])

In April 1984, Vega recorded a five-song demo tape that included a version of “Cracking.” To listen to it is to hear the end product of Vega’s relentless sanding and filing of the song. All superfluous flourishes and edges have been excised. The delivery is crisper. Her vocals are deeper in tone. Naturally, the improved sound quality and addition of bass, drums, and electric guitar add enormously to the polished finished product. But these alone cannot account for the transformation in the song. It has greater bite and sharpness to the drumming and guitar lines that hint at what she might have been trying to achieve in terms sound and production on her first album.

01 - Straight Lines (4:01)
02 - Small Blue Thing (3:49)
03 - Marlene On The Wall (3:58)
04 - Cracking (2:56)
05 - Undertow (3:40)

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