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Band: Sword (not to be confused with The Sword)
Country: Canada
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release: Audience live bootleg
Date: 27-04-2012
Where: Keep It True XV festival - @Tauberfrankenhalle - Lauda Konigshofen(Germany)
Bitrate: mp3 320 kbps

Personal notes: I was 21 when in 1986 i heard "Metalized" on "Linea Rock"(the most important heavy metal radio show in the north of Italy),Marco Garavelli(the DJ/speaker)chose this one as the album of the week...i was blown away and soon the morning after i went to "Mariposa"(the best HM records shop in Milano)and bought the lp,still one of my favourites EVER...

I dreamed for years to see Sword playing live but it never happened and,after the split,this desire languished in the deepest corner of my regrets...but finally rumors of a reunion of the original line up surfaced and to my great joy the band was scheduled for a gig at KIT where i usually go biggrin.gif

It was a wonderful,amazing show(and i am not the only one to think so,just listen to the crowd...),a dream come true...and i taped it!!!

Please note that it's a single file,i did not
split the tracks!

Line up:

Rick Hughes - Vocals
Mike Plant - Guitar
Mike Larock - bass
Dan Hughes - drums


1 Outta control
2 The trouble is
3 Where to hide
4 Children of heaven
5 Dare to spit
6 The end of the night
7 Prepare to die
8 Until death do us part
9 The threat
10 Sweet dreams
11 Stoned again
12 Stuck in rock
13 Land of the brave
14 Evil spell
15 F.T.W.


16 Runaway
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