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Symphony X
03/05/2012 - Monday
Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC

3-The End Of Innocence
5-Bastards Of The Machine
6-Children Of A Faceless God
8-When All Is Lost
9-Electric Messiah
10-Inferno(Unleash The Fire) >
11-Of Sins And Shadows
E: 13-Eve Of Seduction
14-Serpent's Kiss
15-Set The World On Fire(The Lie Of Lies)

Source: CA-14s(Cards/HRTF) > STC-9000 > DR-05(LineIn) > WAV(24bit/48khz) > Audacity1.3.11b(peaks reduced, amplified to -.01db, dithered/resampled) > WAV(16bit/44.1khz) > CD Wave Editor(tracked) > FLAC8(TLH)

Location: ~DFC, back of floor at first rail, ~15' from stage

Notes: Closing set of a co-headliner with Iced Earth on the "Dystopia World Tour;" Warbringer opened the night. The right channel is patched with the CA-14s(Omnis) > MM-CBM-1 > DR-07 source due to disconnected cable from 1:13-1:48 and 5:20-5:30. HPF was applied to the omnis during those parts with 135 Hz cutoff frequency and 12db rolloff. Right channel of recording amplified by .7db.


Part 1:
Download Here:

Part 2:
Download Here:

Part 3:
Download Here:
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