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Hey there guys, im real pleased at the present. Went down for a drive to a music shop 300km's away and saw this little beauty sitting on the shelf.
$1400AU. I had a play around through an ashton 100W combo amp, I LOVED IT. Holy mackeral it was incredible, just the feel of it the look of it is amazing with a pearly outline. It plays really smoothly, sounds real full and warming. It lightened my spirits, got me away from the dread thoughts of the old SX peice of shit.

Online this baby is $1100AU, I am going to buy it and I cant wait :D Anyway its incredible, if any of you guys wanna look go here

ohh baby, I think this will be such an enthusiam boost for my playing. Anyone else own one of these? Well, im excited cant wait for it to show up. I'll post some pics when it does
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Good Job!!! :icon_thum
wow, looks pretty sweet! Post some sound for us would ya!? :icon_thum
Awesome, could you pick one up for me, and I'll pay you back Tuesday...........uhhmm that's right, I'll pay you back next Tuesday.
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