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Talk Talk - 1982-05-26 - Munchen, DE
(FM broadcast FLAC)

Talk Talk
Munchen - Circus Krone
London - Kid Jensen BBC Sessions

CD-R>EAC (Secure)>Wav>TLH Flac 8

01. Today
02. Mirror Man
03. Another World
04. Call In The Night Boy
05. Have You Heard The News
06. My Foolish Friend
07. Hate
08. The Party's Over
09. Talk Talk
10. Question Mark
11. Again A Game Again
12. Renée
13. Talk Talk
14. Magic Moments
15. It's So Serious

Tracks 01-10 1982-05-26
Tracks 11 1982-00-00 Lowesoft
Tracks 12-15 1981-11-05 London



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Absolutely hideous unlistenable piece of crap if you are a talk talk fan and you want to actually listen to them for enjoyment DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
It just might be an un-listenable recording. Maybe so? Who cares, easy on the Dewers man

Have you ever considered there are some of us who collect every version of every recording?

While I just can’t ignore any post you make I will go into a thread just to read your “words of wisdom” regardless of whether or not I give an F of what has been offered, it never fails…

You’re typically only about knocking the offering, never thanking, or rarely so (maybe?), may you please point out how many thanks you’ve given up (not that I ever post for any thanks, nor do I think EDGE does either) for your "professional opinions" upon the threads you spew your words of wisdom?

A fuving’ wanker from the umpteenth degree you are, would love to give you a righteous Glassgow kiss, mate!…

Get another hobby remains my only suggestion to you …
(heart in hand)

The only thing I give to you as adding to this forum is some sort of deranged entertainment value.
Which speaks to my own voyeurism (somebody who is fascinated with, or persistently observes, distressing, sordid, or scandalous topics or events)

Please keep it up, all we’ve had after these 2 past years or so is complete anarchy and frustration anyway…

Are you still working to improve that Genesis show showing your expertise in speed reduction on shyte recordings? And then share back with the masses your brilliant work?

You can be such a bloody downer man…
We’re all depressed enough! Speaking for myself of course…

I think, you need a frickin’ bloody hug as well man!

Sorry if I speak to or take away your purpose here

I didn't come into this thread for Talk Talk, not interested in them at all
Just solely on your expertise as you see it, or rather, express it.

But this certainly gives me an opportunity to thank EDGE for this great site of his!

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Wow! This is far from unlistenable as stated by ginchy! Nice work Scottie_62! Yes the recording has some hiss, but it is a 1982 radio recording in 2022! What more could you ask for. This is a free site and you can delete anything that you download and do not like, so there is no room for rants and dislikes to take place. Do this with downloads you do not like and negative comments....HIT DELETE!

BTW Thanks for the share!
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