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Talking Heads * 1978-11-18 * The Roxy * West Hollywood, CA * RG Master Cassette via JEMS * New Wave LA Series Vol. 24

alking Heads
The Roxy
West Hollywood, California
November 18, 1978
RG Master Cassette via JEMS
New Wave LA Series Vol. 24

Recording equipment: unknown microphone and unknown cassette deck

JEMS 2020 Transfer: RG Master Cassette > Nakamichi RX-505 (azimuth adjustment) > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 capture > iZotope RX6 > iZotope Ozone 6 > CD Wave > ffmpeg > FLAC

01 The Big Country
02 Warning Sign
03 The Book I Read
04 Stay Hungry
05 Artists Only
06 The Girls Want to Be with the Girls
07 The Good Thing
08 Who Is It
09 ...With Our Love
10 Love -> Building On Fire
11 Electricity
12 New Feeling
13 Found a Job
14 Psycho Killer
15 Take Me to the River
16 Thank You for Sending Me an Angel

JEMS is pleased to continue a series of historic recordings made by our longtime friend and diehard music collector RG. He was on the scene in LA as a teenager, began recording shows in 1977 and continued on well into the 2000s. Our series will focus on tapes he made between 1977 and 1987.

What sort of music was he into? Well, one simple way to put it is KROQ music, meaning the bands that LA's "world famous" new wave radio station was playing were the bands he saw and recorded. First wave if you will, with forays into indie and punk(ish) artists. The early years are dominated by UK artists breaking in the US. Over time his work expands to US bands in the second wave. Some of the artists RG taped include:

Siouxsie & the Banshees (Vol. 4)
Madness (Vol. 8)
The Specials (Vol. 6)
OMD (Vol. 10)
The Damned
The Stranglers (Vol. 1)
Public Image Limited (Vol. 3)
John Cale (Vol. 9)
Magazine (Vol. 21)
The Buzzcocks (Vol. 7)
Orange Juice (Vol. 13)
Wreckless Eric
The Cramps (Vol. 22)
Johnny Thunders (Vol. 18)
Talking Heads (Vol. 24)
Iggy Pop
XTC (Vol. 2)
The Jam
The Only Ones (Vol. 19)
The Undertones (Vol. 17)
Boomtown Rats (Vol. 5)
The Birthday Party (Vol. 15)
The Penetrators
The Bluebells (Vol. 12)
The Plimsouls (Vol. 11)
Athletico Spizz '80
Killing Joke (Vol. 14)
Jonathan Richman (Vol. 16)
The Records (Vol. 20)
Robert Fripp (Vol. 23)

Later on he caught The Smiths, R.E.M., Hüsker Dü, The Replacements and many more.

RG used good, not Millard-level recording gear, which means his tapes are mostly solid and listenable, with the occasional very good one and also sorta crappy one. What makes his tapes compelling is that RG was recording in a particularly vital window of time. In many instances these were the first or second times these acts played Los Angeles. Some never did proper US tours, only playing select dates in key markets like LA or NYC. Also, for many of these gigs, RG was the only taper. He grabbed a few local radio broadcasts along the way, too.

Because these shows were almost exclusively at clubs like The Whisky and The Roxy, the sets are generally short, 45 to 60 minutes because that's what you did at The Whisky. On occasion, RG would copy his own masters to save tape and we have done our best to distinguish what's a true master and what's a first generation copy. If there's a doubt, we will note it. Regardless, the series will offer the lowest generation copies available of his recordings, digitized directly for the first time from RG's tapes which had been stored in boxes for the last 15+ years.

Volume 24 is one of the best recordings in the RG collection and should represent an upgrade to circulating copies of this lovely Talking Heads show. I was surprised the band was still playing such a small venue on their second run through the city this year, but it makes for an intimate performance.

RG's own tape had this show incorrectly labelled as taking place on October 18 (when the band was in Michigan), which explains why circulating copies repeat the error. Our friends at the excellent website posted a detailed explanation of the confusion around the 1978 Roxy tapes and helped us identify this show, which is believed to be the early set on November 18. RG didn't mark it early or late, but followers of the New Wave LA series know that he almost always recorded the early set of shows in this era, and only occasionally stayed for the late.

Perhaps the PA volume at the club was lower than most shows RG taped circa 1978, but his master has none of the low-level distortion that challenged him at other shows. We're told by DIME's own Talking Heads curator nfagdtrfb that our fresh transfer is an upgrade to extant copies. Samples provided.

We're grateful to RG for letting JEMS dig through his tape boxes and pull out the assets for this series. He witnessed amazing LA music history. Tip of the hat as well to cpscps who volunteered to handle post-production on our series which is a huge help to us and makes it possible to get more music in your hands. Stay tuned for more New Wave in LA.


01 - The Big Country.flac:fe16291b0ce374f523f53c05bf381d6b
02 - Warning Sign.flac:47f33bda0b15ad1ca68bb4caa282e332
03 - The Book I Read.flac:2fc19731cd9d7f1383a9e6385a8493c1
04 - Stay Hungry.flac:3356577743286ab0f3fda21bac8ff8a5
05 - Artists Only.flac:9064b1e53f18f9adf30d6f46d4ff0003
06 - The Girls Want to Be With the Girls.flac:f081c7dd943aa26c980512591e29abae
07 - The Good Thing.flac:fc10b629d0ff6747ba2f8b985db8014c
08 - Who Is It.flac:4f85b13e4b1a8803da7fc2c627f5dfdc
09 - With Our Love.flac:e37e515215faa19dd7bc8176e30e9d41
10 - Love - Building on Fire.flac:cee1237e4f56c1e33fc9ba031ce9bbfc
11 - Electricity.flac:c97cc288b319284b7d196611708469f8
12 - New Feeling.flac:771529b1d750387876c473bd64238f82
13 - Found a Job.flac:e897117a255baa4dfcca83034215dd13
14 - Psycho Killer.flac:a108e99e77bbdd231a14b5f40cd5651f
15 - Take Me to the River.flac:da42e1a3d694a74343fb25f539838ac4
16 - Thank You for Sending Me an Angel.flac:8505d2cad77012d585ffe7a74d680dc0!ZoxT3axZ!xzLB2768OQzFYqW9LZKcIu8SruSfo66MKaaTIO8jXfs
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