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Talking Heads -
Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA;
September 4, 1983

Original source: Aiwa CM-30 Stereo Mic => Aiwa cassette recorder (w/ auto record levels)
Transfers from master cassettes
Taper : the little guy
Transfer : markp


Track listing:

Disc one (44:44):
(1) Psycho Killer (5:42)
(2) Heaven (3:59)
(3) Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (2:23)
(4) Love Goes To A Building On Fire (3:17)
(5) The Book I Read (4:48)
(6) Slippery People (5:27)
(7) Cities (4:46)
(8) Big Blue Plymouth (4:37)
(9) Burning Down The House (4:00)
(10) Life During Wartime (5:41)

Disc two (79:10):
(1) Making Flippy Floppy (6:12)
(2) Swamp (5:11)
(3) What A Day That Was (6:32)
(4) This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody) (5:26)
(5) Once In A Lifetime (5:28)
(6) Big Business => I Zimbra (8:37)
(7) Houses In Motion (6:40)
(8) Genius of Love (6:51)
(9) Girlfriend Is Better (5:57)
(10) Take Me To The River (9:24)
(11) Cross-Eyed and Painless (7:24)
(12) Burning Down The House (5:23)
MD5 signature file is included. Sorry, no artwork.

Comments: This was first posted to the tracker as part of a two-show torrent by persic in September 2005, and subsequently reposted by John234 in September 2007; it has been off the tracker for awhile, so I thought it would be worth one more spin through. These are two very solid audience recordings (for the era) of two shows the Heads played in Berkeley fairly early on (I think) in the tour; the classic live album "Stop Making Sense" was recorded three months later in Los Angeles, and features a very similar setlist. These are fun shows with a very enthusiastic crowd, though not too much audience interference that distracts from one's enjoyment. The fidelity isn't perfect and doesn't hold up to the standards of modern digital recording ewquipment, but for the era it's a very good recording.

Performance-wise, of course it's great. I've yet to hear a show from this tour that wasn't great. I can't remember any notable or unusual moments in these, but it's a fun show throughout. I'm not personally a fan of the Tom Tom Club interlude, but other than that there aren't really any low points in the set.

The only change to this fileset from the original torrent is the addition of an MD5 signature file. I'm sure there's artwork out there somewhere; if you have it, please post in the comments.

** NOTE: I initially posted the original version of this torrent -- with both the September 2 and September 4 included -- and the mods banned it and asked me to repost as two separate torrents. If you were cut off on the original torrent, you should be able to pick up where you left off if you follow these steps:

1) Create a new folder titled "Talking Heads - Berkeley 9-4-83" (just copy/paste -- don't include the " marks)
2) Drag all 22 FLAC files associated with the second (9/4) show to the new folder
3) Open the torrent and point to the new folder

You may lose some of what you downloaded before, but not too much. The piece size is pretty small (0.5 mb) so you should keep most of what you had before the ban.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Additional comments and notes from John234's post (thanks to him):
David Byrne – vocals, guitar
Jerry Harrison – guitar
Tina Weymouth – bass
Chris Frantz – drums
Bernie Worrell – keyboards
Steve Scales – percussion
Ednah Holt – backing vocals
Lynn Mabry – backing vocals
Alex Weir – guitar
(band intro during Take Me To The River)

D1 T09-10 - tape flip between BDtH and LDW - few seconds missing from start of
D2 T11-12 - tape flip between CE&P and BDtH - few seconds missing from start of

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