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Te Fuiste

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Well, this a song I made time ago. Just recorded two guitars and vox. Sorry, the lyrics are in Spanish and i'm not a great singer so the vocals are a little ... :wtf: but well i'm doing my best to get better on it! Every comment will be well received heheh.:icon_redf
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Beautiful composition, Carlos!!!! Love the style. Guitar work is exlnt as were the vocals!!:thumb: :thumb:
Thanks sgstd, glad to hear that someone likes it! ;)
this shows your comp skills!! Good job. :icon_thum
oh wow, this is really beautiful. Music is so relaxing, and the words (even tho I dont speak spanish) are absolutely wonderful.....does it for me, im swooning!
Too much thanks missy!!, I think I'm the worst singer in the world but I try it :icon_redf hehehe. It's a veeery sad song. Perhaps i could translate the lyrics if someone wants ton know what they are saying.
Atimmons....this was so beautiful bud....i can hear the feel in ur voice..your agreat singer..and guitarist...would love to hear more!!:bowdown:
Wow this was amazing, loved the guitar and vox, aweosme job!! :thumb: :thumb:
Thanks rain!! perhaps i could post something more here!
TopJimmy glad to hear that from you. I'm very surprised that you like it! I think i'm a veeery bad singer!:icon_redf
Great feeling and emotion, and touch on the guitars! Lovely song and keep it up!

Beautiful my friend Carlosssssssss ! Its great !!!!
Thanks song! glad you like it!

HEy Zeppy! hope you like it! :icon_roll thanks for listening!
Hey Atimmons...This was great man!! My Spanish isn't too good, but I think the title translates into, "You left me" which intrigued me for sure...I knew it would be full of feel and mood. I think the singing is excellent as well as the guitar. Wonderful Job!! :icon_thum :icon_thum
Very pretty playing and singing.
I love acoustic works.
More like this please.
This place is great...we have it all here!
Thanks 3f, glad you like it man! The title translation would be "you've gone" and it's a very sad and full of feelings song.

Thanks Song, happy to hear that!!

Thanks Rid, this is a piece of my own work and it's very exciting to read good comments like these.

Thanks again to all of you that have listened to the song and have posted your comments!
There is nothing wrong with the singing on this. You have a great voice. The playing excellent too. This is a quality tune.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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