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[Tl,dr: What 3 way selector switch would i need for a Jackson's active EMG setup with purely circuit-based connections?]

So I just traded way up to a Jackson Rhoads, and The original owner has some mods on it that I am in the process of un-doing.

The ones I want to keep are the Floyd Rose upgrades and the active EMG 81/85. The ones I don't want to keep are the electronic mods and the locking nut mod.

I've already un-modded the locking nut, and now i come to ask the techies:

What is going on with the electronics with this thing?!? I used to volunteer as a tech for about a year, and the shop closed about 4 months ago, so I can do just about anything with any type of guitar. My weakness has to be active systems, though.

This active system has a series of snap-on connections that while convenient, they look hard to find parts for. The original owner has had it modded ever since the 3-way selector switch died. He has the bridge pickup running directly to a volume pot, which is connected to a free-moving battery pack, and straight to the jack.

My question to all of you is...: How do i get the electronic system back to normal? I'd like to pick my pickups and to have a tone knob as well. I still have every original part (as seen in the pictures) except for the selector switch. Before buying the owner hooked up the neck pickup to prove that it worked as well, but I'd just like it to work like it did when it came out of the factory.

Thanks everyone, and have an awesome day!


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