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This post has no point really, I just want to tell you all my story.

First, introducing, I'm 20 years old at the present. I've been playing guitar since I was about 14, classical songs at start, learning at a music school. For 6 months, that was all my music life. At the end of the semester, my teacher told me to have some fun playing (i realy wasn't enjoying that much) and so he teached me some modern songs, I believe the first was Come as you are by Nirvana.
And that changed my life.
In that summer I surfed the web learning as much songs as I could. I played almost always just the rythm, but I loved it. In the beginning of the next school year, I showed off to my teacher all my self learned songs. I was really happy, not by my playing (I kinda sucked at the time), but by my enthusiasm. I really loved what I was doing.
I left school in the end of that year. It was kind of a suggestion of my teacher, not deliberately of course. He said that the most you could learn you had to teach yourself, and "now you now the basics".
I only had a classical guitar and an electroacoustic I bought 1 year after started playing.
For the next 4 or so years my technique didn't evolved. I was only playing the same old things, mostly acoustic, and relatively easy parts. I was getting bored.
A few weeks ago, in a local shop, I saw a guitar that changed my life - again. I bought a Squier Fender Strat. I know, it doesn't seem much, but where I live, Portugal, playing music is very expensive. I bought that guitar used.
From that moment, I started to remember the love that made me start playing. I was learning new things on my on. I was learning complicated riffs, amazing classic rock songs (Purple Haze, The wind cries Mary, Little Wing, all by Jimi Hendrix, wich isn't really that heard on portuguese radios), I was improvising better than I used to.
I am now playing more than 2 hours/day, and I am far better than I was 2 months ago. And far happier.
I do not intend to make music my living, altough I loved if that happened. My real passion and talent is in ficcional writting, and oddly enough, I'm now a student of IT's in college. I also work as a computer programmer for an Italian company. And still make time to play.
The reason I'm writing this (besides that is night time in Portugal and I cannot blast my riffs troughout the neighbourhood), is because I am really proud of myself. I bought the equipment I have with my own money. In Portugal, as I said, is really expensive to be a musician, and my family is lower middle class, so buying instruments isn't a priority. Besides my guitar, I also bought a Crate GX-30M amp, also used. And I managed to fit in my busy timetable my love for playing. I regained pleasure while doing it, and I also refound my (lack of) talent to do it.
I'm really proud of myself but I am here to thank you all. Not only all the users of this forum, but all the better guitar players than me. From all of you I learned and will continue to learn, probably until I die. :bowdown:

So if you ever come by north Portugal, (Porto or Matosinhos), feel free to drop by. I would love to learn some more.

Sincerely grateful to you all,
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