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dont know if anyone remembers or even care, but i had som trouble with my high e-string. (Old asian kramer/floyd rose)
I could'nt find out what was causing it to loose it's tension. The string itself, the floyd, or the nut.
So i posted my troubles here, after my local shop-guy came short.
(Once again..)
One solution after another started popping up, and i had my hands full trying them all out. After a while it boiled down to the fact that the string was unwinding itself from the "ball end". (ernie ball slinky) It had allready happened to 3 different strings, and why this happened i still dont know.. Dont care either.. (solved this by giving it a couple of extra turns with 2 pairs of pliers before mounting it to the guitar.)
So this is just me saying thanks to the guys helping me out on this, and giving me the opportunity to sleep again..... :icon_thum hawk
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