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The Adverts
The Marquee Club, London 27th July 1978.

1.Drowning Men.
2.Bombsite Boy.
3.Television's Over.
4.Male Assault.
5.New Church.
6.We Who Wait.
7.New Boys.
8.On Wheels.
9.I Surrender.
10.Back From The Dead.
11.Love Songs.
12.Safety In Numbers.
13.Bored Teenagers.
14.No Time To Be 21.
15.One Chord Wonders.
16.The Great British Mistake.

Total Playing Time 47:15

MP3 320 Kbps
Decent Sound Quality

File Size108 MB

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Thanks for the post, I also have The Star, Croydon 2-26-78 (muffled and noisy sound quality) and Maidstone Art College, Kent 6-30-78, also the Top Rank, Sheffield 8-19-79 (w/ no lead guitars, but keyboards! INTERESTING LISTEN)

However I'm looking for 3 very shows by them from 1977, can you please upload them:
Newcastle, June 6 1977. (May be poor quality with distortion and bad mixing, but I REALLY WANT THIS! Earliest known to exist)
Nottingham, September 1977. (May be a good quality audience recording.)
Apollo, September 25 1977. (May be a listenable, but noisy audience recording.)
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