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Great sounding gig of the Almighty recorded by the BBC friday rock at the Plymouth Pavilion, well worth a listen just for the line! this is being recorded for the Radio so we must be on our best behavior, no fuckin swearing right!!
Powertrippin tour I think which was 92.

1 Blood Fire Love.
2 Crusify.
3 Over the edge.
4 Takin hold.
5 Nothin left to prove.
6 Sin against the light.
7 (unsure and tape cuts out)
8 Addiction.
9 Possion.
10 In a rut (Ruts cover I think)
11 Wild and Wonderful.

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Rare "LIVE" are most beautiful ... and The Almighty's concerts were so rare on this Tour!
So many problems with their record compagny in 1993 on the Powertrippin tour .... SO ,
Thank you for this post
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