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Until May 31st 2010 a trader site called existed :sad:. Unfortunately it had to be closed as the people running it didn't have the time anymore. This is one of the downloads from that site.

The Animals -
Deluxe BBC Files, BBC Broadcasts;

53 Tracks

Lineage: CDR's - EAC (Log Files included) - TLH

For any Animals fan, this is an indispensible collection of great Animals music, with some good interview material thrown in as well. Sound is very good.
Artwork is included, but doesn't exactly match cd1 as the back art shows track 1 as tracks 1 & 2. No worries, it's all good.

1.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 2/2/65
2.Gonna Send You Back To Georgia 2/2/65
3.Bring It On Home To Me 4/65
4.Interview/C C Rider 4/65
5.We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place 10/7/65
6.Interview/Heartbreak Hotel 10/7/65
7.Interview/Work Song 10/7/65
8.It's My Life 11/65
9.Corrina, Corrina 11/65
10.Inside Looking Out 1/3/66
11.Sweet Little Sixteen 1/3/66
12.Jailhouse Rock 14/11/66
13.Interview/Paint It Black 14/11/66
14.When I Was Young 28/1/67
15.San Franciscan Nights 15/8/67
16.Monterey 21/12/67
17.Baby What's Wrong 6/11/65
18.Rosie 6/11/65
19.I Can't Believe It 6/11/65
20.Drown In My Own Tears 4/65
21.Ain't That A Shame 4/65
22.Squeeze Her, Tease Her '65
23.Lawdy Miss Clawdy '65
24.One Monkey Don't Stop No Show 10/2/66

Disc 2
1.Maudie 10/2/66
2.She'll Return It 3/66
3.The Same Thing 11/11/66
4.If I Were A Carpenter 1/67
5.It's All Meat 12/67
6.All Night Long 24/8/67
7.Good Times 24/8/67
8.Interview/I Get So Excited 24/8/67
9.Anything 21/12/67
10.It Hurts Me Too 21/5/68
11.McClloch's Blues 28/1/67
12.Gratefully Dead 7" B-side '67
13.Wee, Wee Hours 21/10/65
14.Boom Boom 13/2/66
15.What Am I Living For 13/2/66
16.Lawdy Miss Clawdy 14/11/66
17.I'm Gonna Change The World '65
18.Lucille 5/11/65
19.A Love Like Ours 28/1/67
20.Shake, Rattle & Roll 28/1/67
21.Connection 28/1/67
22.Yes, I am Experienced 24/8/67
23.House Of The Rising Sun - Ed Sullivan 18/10/64
24.Don't Bring Me Down - Ed Sullivan 17/4/66
25.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Ed Sullivan 24/1/65
26.We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place - Ed Sullivan 6/2/66
27.Baby Please Don't Go - NYC '64
28.Inside Looking Out - Ed Sullivan 6/2/66
29.Club Au Go Go - Hullabaloo! '65

951MB/53 Tracks

318d955524551db0369e23f49af18cc6 *d1t01.flac
932c0229b26bc2d258d46b4af79b1bcf *d1t02.flac
93dbf06761a7f55d7b26e54c156ae569 *d1t03.flac
66aaaa70310a54794beed07923969a49 *d1t04.flac
d46575c66fce00f99a864f72a69ce04e *d1t05.flac
ae8c17f49be2c19fe2184516a6568f03 *d1t06.flac
81cb44a1dac54e5cf5d37fc6d58a2cfe *d1t07.flac
66f2f5fe70163d2f3d43514417149640 *d1t08.flac
e0fe875147027bcd707824088d177222 *d1t09.flac
8c182455e4b2e7aecf87336660f58ca6 *d1t10.flac
d2a7309ad630681bf57f830a273574c1 *d1t11.flac
3004d8dde74c12fce64fb77256b8e227 *d1t12.flac
063566a5e87350116359d90b6de4763b *d1t13.flac
006624b0540aca07c83e35b4e3052278 *d1t14.flac
c43b33350fb2787383f7afbd140601d8 *d1t15.flac
2dc337d700701a084f1150d59fd56697 *d1t16.flac
d908dad8b248c6bc84a3c44d64842c10 *d1t17.flac
aba6aa8b81ad0bb1fc9657a48e3e4cc8 *d1t18.flac
441f78707e2d739b621d0cb7028e4d0b *d1t19.flac
3e045108189a6295f7b8c1cd93f3e4b5 *d1t20.flac
ab3ae08327456a124a61076d64207c1b *d1t21.flac
abd358c3319dc7a852e5ee4a99f86265 *d1t22.flac
3eaca14cb895abb59c92f8e2dda972cf *d1t23.flac
aa7b64eddf44bb4420ab1d1f4dcc20d9 *d1t24.flac
c30a85404bf5b007246fdd2b4c914404 *d2t01.flac
5857acc1a50d3073a8c18b253ba9f133 *d2t02.flac
2e389519ee10838ced625d8d0e889dd0 *d2t03.flac
0ea7e0916ff7ef47a5f7310b21ebf388 *d2t04.flac
2cfd59736b11ebfdacda34901423b0b6 *d2t05.flac
247f963c2b1778177eedf7f683d6a42f *d2t06.flac
981bfb7bed8350c29d09b7539f0bb638 *d2t07.flac
facf11d9354373910a5cff9e5dcee07b *d2t08.flac
b88cf1cc3fc84b23abcf137dcf1fd009 *d2t09.flac
58b1947de9cf3158232a625456672fb8 *d2t10.flac
7704cd97e1a8a1263a119770022a3ce0 *d2t11.flac
5ffc1b723185bddf658866a5d01a3110 *d2t12.flac
f59a487c7b8b9d80f3742242f8ac6b13 *d2t13.flac
854ee10bd9cad4fe383622a3bca98eb2 *d2t14.flac
6bb7d6fe56de2ba67be331d0ca39918d *d2t15.flac
6cd12bd7755003358fd76f0f2e437d73 *d2t16.flac
4bac63c8d39a719b624d2924df34c332 *d2t17.flac
2ca0d9752f534493d3bfa53bac69dd7e *d2t18.flac
e7396cc75c29534d9d5a04a70aba6eb5 *d2t19.flac
5132249d7f5143f6515e4eaa125acf21 *d2t20.flac
17d5e8e986d3721a943c58e67f927549 *d2t21.flac
1814de31a1256db118aecbf87bcb247c *d2t22.flac
34dc81222de6152b157da2831a891fd4 *d2t23.flac
6b872e115ea2905a45bdb96e30473253 *d2t24.flac
780dc1135490adb8c3495a5d57b775f2 *d2t25.flac
68b56cc1d0eb7a4282ab3032f5966f3d *d2t26.flac
8c32dac23e1b4a9d0d55555763466167 *d2t27.flac
c377d3a2a1bd5d8d06344eb01da2daa7 *d2t28.flac
55f7e8809b94d0d8b0b7a129a991d45d *d2t29.flac


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very nice ty
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