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The next batch --

The Animals -
Random Shows;

Shows from a trading friend.

Background on my friend. He is a longtime collector and taper of shows who has amassed a rather large collection on both tape and CD, in addition to the stuff that is digital. He has been kind enough to share parts of his collection with others including myself, with the idea of getting some of this stuff back out into the collecting world. Or in the case of all the recent Springsteen, to rebuild my collection in lossless format.

Some of what he has sent me is in untracked wav format, each track being the side of a tape or a CD. I wish I had the time and/or talent to actually split these shows the proper collecting way, and then convert them to flac before I shared them with you. I know there are some folks out there who are able to do so, and they have posted the finished product on Tradersden to great reviews. That is just not possible for me to do.

But I have access to this forum to spread them to the masses. My contribution, sometimes, is just attaching info files and artwork that I have found on the internet. But the volume he has been sending out during this pandemic has grown rather large and I don't have the time to go through all of them.

I would like to try something with these posts. I have a few The Animals shows that were sent recently. I do not know if anyone else has taken them through the full process of tracking, converting, etc. Or if there is a better copy out there already. Below is a link to those shows, with no work done to them, possibly not even setlist.

So far I have done: Paul McCartney, the Band, David Bowie, U-2, Van Morrison, CSNY, Springsteen, and Eric Clapton. I will continue to add shows from these artist to this link as I get them ready. These are not for everybody. I dont have lineage, or even quality, but once in a with a rare show appears.

Feel free to do what you want with these show, master, remaster, track, or all the other things I don't know how to do...... please just dont sell them.

Anyway.... way to long winded a write up...... Here is a link to this batch:

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