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The B-52's
Montego Bay, Jamaica
November 27, 1982

The Jamaica World Music Festival
Bob Marley Memorial Performing Center
Freeport Zone
**Remastered** by thir13en

Source: Soundboard probably from cassette master > TDK Audua 10 inch 1/4 track reel recorded on Revox A700 at 7.5 ips speed.

Transfer info: Reel played back on Revox A700 > Macintosh Audio-Media III card > Pro Tools > CD

Sound quality: Excellent with a really good mix! There were a few dropouts on the original source tape which have mostly been eliminated with Pro Tools.

Sector boundaries verified & FLAC files created with xACT.
md5 file created with checkSum+.

01 [cuts in] Party Out of Bounds
02 Give Me Back My Man
03 Planet Claire
04 Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can
05 Lava
06 Mesopotamia
07 6060-842
08 52 Girls
09 Dance This Mess Around
10 Rock Lobster
11 Private Idaho
12 outro goodbye & announcer


Let's see, in 1982, my musical taste skewed towards the music we played in our band, like VH, Judas Priest, Journey, ZZ Top, Stones, etc...NOT new wave at all, it was the enemy. Later towards the mid 80's, the new wave started to make more sense, and the campy gyrations of a band like The B-52's was more intriguing, as rock got taken over by puffy hairdo's and MTV.

So now it's even more intriguing, as I would never have cared back then what they sounded like live, and surprisingly it carries over the weight of the recordings into an entertaining performance. If possible, Planet Claire, Rock Lobster and Private Idaho have never been more fun to hear, than here.

B52 - 1982-11-27 Montego Bay flac.rar - FileFactory

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