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*Recorded by G. and posted by willer on *

Ok - I've been in contact with another taper from the old days, and He is also interested in getting his masters out - and we're talking about a large collection from 1978 and up to 2004 - Many things never shared before - started out with the magnificent Sony TCD-D5 and the Sony ECM-150 mics, so the tapes sounds really great - It's gonna be along slow process converting all those tapes, but there's plenty to look forward to. He'll go undet the name G.

This is the 1. from his collection. A fine Bangles recording from Copenhagen, touring their break through record, this is a nice pop set from the band covering Big Star a long the way - never shared before.

Ticket stub, sample and mp3 version on the blog: From the Basement / DKTapers

Copenhagen Montmatre, DK

Source: Sony ECM-150 -> Sony TCD-D5
Transfer: Master Casette -> B&O Beocord 9000 -> Sony pcm-a1 (96/24) -> audition -> cdwav -> flac
Taper: G.

01. Intro
02. In a Different Light
03. Live (The Merry‐Go‐Round)
04. Restless
05. Walking Down Your Street
06. James
07. September Gurls (Big Star)
08. Not Like You
09. Manic Monday
10. He's Got a Secret
11. I'm in Line
12. If She Knew What She Wants (Jules Shear)
13. Return Post
14. Let It Go
15. Going Down to Liverpool (Katrina and the Waves)
16. Angels Don't Fall in Love
17. I'm Not Talking (Mose Allison)
18. Hero Takes a Fall
19. Dover Beach
20. 7 and 7 Is (Love)
21. Interview by Jan Laursen pre show for Danish Radio.

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