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This contains 2 wav files. I do not know the lineage of it, but my friend Mauro R was kind enough to share it with me. It is transfered from the tapes and as such untampered. Feel free to do with them what you want: Track, convert, master, etc. Do anything but sell them, because that is not what this is about.... If you like your work, post it for others to compare with what is out there now. The accountant

This setlist is from with a date of 7/5/1981. It is the only show I can find for Queen Mary.
THe files come to me with a 12/27/81 date....... not sure with is correct.

The Beach Boys -
Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA


Do It Again
School Days
Be True To Your School
Sail On Sailor (Bobby Figueroa)
409 / Shut Down
Little Old Lady From Pasadena /
Little Deuce Coupe
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Surfin' Safari
Catch A Wave
Surfer Girl (Brian on solo)
Long Tall Texan
Lady Lynda
God Only Knows (Brian)
Don't Worry Baby (Brian-straining to hit the high notes)
Good Vibrations (Brian)
Back In The USSR
I Get Around
Surfin' USA

This was during the period when Carl was not performing with the band and was touring solo.

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