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The Beach Boys -
Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
July 5, 1981

Source : FM Broadcast > Cassette Master (Maxell UD C120 w/Dolby B on)

Transfer : Sony TC-WE 475 (w/Dolby B off) > Tascam DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder 16/44.1 kHz)

Editing : Soundforge (tracking) > Wave > TLH (SB's aligned) Flac level 8

Traders Den - 1/16/19

Transferred, Tracked by kingrue upload 1774

This was during the period when Carl Wilson was not performing with the band and was touring solo.

I see another version listed over on this Beach Boys fan site, it has a different set list.

There is also pro-shot video available. You can see parts of that on youtube.

The concert was introduced by Wolfman Jack and he says "It's live from Southern California, the first live satellite stereo simulcast".

Unfortunately the mix and broadcast of this tape isn't up to our usual high standards.

IMO: This has too much crowd cheer added into the mix and makes it somewhat hard to hear the finer parts of the instrumentation.

It bugs the heck out of me, the way radio stations insisted on blending in crowd cheer into the mix. They ruin everything they touch.

Imagine if radio broadcasts were strictly soundboard feeds, then maybe we could finally hear the music.

I know there were more songs played, though we get a full hour of songs here.

Check samples for quality.

Beach Boys present:
Mike Love
Al Jardine
Brian Wilson
Bruce Johnston
Dennis Wilson

Backup band included:
Ernie Knapp
Adrian Baker
Mike Meros
Bobby Figueroa
Ed Carter

Set list:
01 Introduction
02 California Girls
03 Sloop John B.
04 Do It Again
05 School Days
06 Surfin'
07 Surfin' Safari
08 Top of the World
09 Surfer Girl
10 Long Tall Texan
11 Lady Lynda
12 God Only Knows
13 Don't Worry Baby
14 409
15 Shut Down
16 Little Old Lady From Pasadena
17 Little Deuce Coupe
18 Sail On Sailor
19 Help Me Rhonda
20 Be True to Your School
21 Wouldn't It Be Nice
22 Rock and Roll Music
23 I Get Around
24 Surfin' USA

Total Time = 01:02:06

~~ ENJOY ~~



01 Introduction.flac:99857689492772c851de72ea95b1adae
02 California Girls.flac:a0c2af8a63c137060a3492ba9773ef54
03 Sloop John B..flac:a48303fec9535707a8835cdb00c930f7
04 Do It Again.flac:5c863a9b31308d08547c04d58bb94590
05 School Days.flac:b09ded51cb3d1d4e0159080b25204e6f
06 Surfin'.flac:67bb574b8d88d219de13a5d5a41d01f5
07 Surfin' Safari.flac:45095f49e3342d1d7124c7499b81ade2
08 Top of the World.flac:d997f78d76b0f2b46e01316e9a9cf90a
09 Surfer Girl.flac:6b815c692aee60f16a102bc5b2c66ad0
10 Long Tall Texan.flac:90cc6f11253b8b3182da4b05594179e5
11 Lady Lynda.flac:ed2194da06140217d54500c045fb1c7d
12 God Only Knows.flac:e75c85a2431299fe77300d87751356dc
13 Don't Worry Baby.flac:45412675b0853392449a12ccf9b4a25c
14 409.flac:453df3b70776cba915f839dae2b6a57a
15 Shut Down.flac:984539d162f23c5dee6fe1333588b6e8
16 Little Old Lady From Pasadena.flac:c340a2e334b8f1eb39f7a00a7af2b6e3
17 Little Deuce Coupe.flac:eb2640b3a2be68a42285c1226c1fd912
18 Sail On Sailor.flac:f09e80b7b9414f71dbc1aa6e8b6c3512
19 Help Me Rhonda.flac:6d1522db6e667f968c8e80134f51a0d8
20 Be True to Your School.flac:ef8ad26f74d3bee30a07be7a4d0130c0
21 Wouldn't It Be Nice.flac:72d7a2f76bcd8850c65992e8e58e7391
22 Rock and Roll Music.flac:344cc0bd9fb359bb2c5097acddb75a6d
23 I Get Around.flac:3379e2e9c8fe07387ba694158aaf89ca
24 Surfin' USA.flac:ccafe427c52d63794e49604346211224

Checksum file saved to disk.

No errors occured.

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