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This set comes from Purple Chick, and will compile chronologically ALL
of The Beatles Sessions from January 1969 that are known to circulate.

If you are just a casual Beatles fan, this is probably not for you.
Nor is it for the Faint Of Heart.
All of the tuning, dialogue, burps, farts, and- oh yeah- music is included.
The entire set will eventually number well over 60 discs.
This first installment covers all of the available material recorded at Apple Studios
on January 21st, 1969.

For those not familiar with the Get Back Sessions, here's a little background:
The sessions began Jan 2nd-15th, 1969 at Twickenham Film Studios in London,
then continued at Apple Studios Jan 21st-31st, 1969.
There was no "proper" recording done at Twickenham, but The majority of the sessions
at both locations was captured by the film sound crew, on 2 Nagra Tape Machines.
One was assigned to Camera A, the other to Camera B.
The 2 machines were generally running at the same time, so both the A rolls and B rolls
have a lot of duplication between them. But each set of rolls also has a lot of material
that was unique. Each roll of tape lasted approximately 16 minutes.
Often when The A Roll would run out, The B Roll would continue, while
Reels were Changed on the other machine (and vice-versa).
Thus, it is often possible to edit the 2 sets of rolls together, creating Uninterrupted
rehearsal segments, some lasting 3 hours or more.
Some segments last only a few seconds, due to the start/stop action
of the cameras or sound crew.
More information is available in Doug Sulpy's Excellent Book,
"The 910's Guide To The Beatles Outtakes Part Two: The Complete get Back Sessions."
(The Numbers after each track above refer to this book)

All of the "Available" Get Back material from these Nagra Reels fills about 127 discs.
But again, there is quite a bit of duplication between the A rolls and B rolls.

This collection edits together all of the available recordings,
in their proper order, without duplication. So 127 discs will be pruned down by about 1/3.
It is a massive and painstaking undertaking.

Sound Quality is excellent throughout. Bits and pieces of lesser quality have been
patched in from lower quality (bootleg) sources when the original tapes
were missing or unavailable. (Some 40 Rolls out of over 500 are known to be
"missing" from the sessions,
but a few fragments from some of these rolls have cropped up on various boots.)
But the edits are very smooth, and on the whole, quite listenable, considering the material.

The exact lineage of these recordings is uncertain, but to offer a guess,
it would go something like this:
Master Reels>DAT>CDR>?[editing]?>MKW>SHN
Again, this is only a guess.

There was some discussion in a few of the Beatles lists that this set may have had an
MP3 generation somewhere in the lineage. The reason for the arguement were these:
1) freq. spectrum analysis showed the "signature cutoff" in the high freq. range
2) the same material as issued by Yellow Dog does not show this cutoff.

The answers that were given made perfect sense to me, although I would certainly invite
discussion on these points, as I am no expert.

1) These recordings were made on Nagra Reel To Reel machines that were notorious
for their limited frequency response (cutoff around 18000). Consider that the sessions
were initially filmed on 16mm film, for Television, the lack of attention to overall fidelity
makes sense. After all, they also had the studio multi-track equipment to make
Proper recordings, and the Nagra reels were used by the film crew for reference purposes,
which is also why you hear all the beeps, slate calls, and roll announcements.

2) Yellow Dog's source for these recordings was apparently the same as these,
but they are notorious for their use of noise reduction, and reverb, etc to "sweeten"
the sound of many of their releases, which would account for the more spacious
view on a spectrum analysis. The source for the "Purple Chick" recordings offered here
is the original, undoctored tapes-No noise reduction, etc...

Again, I am only repeating what I have heard, and I certainly invite comments.
If this is cause enough for concern,
I will refrain from posting more torrents from this set.

Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy this.

I want to thank the orginal uploader for all his hard work in putting this together to share with Beatle lovers everywhere.

part 1-
part 2-
part 3-
part 4-
part 5-
part 6-
part 7-
part 8-
part 9-

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