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The Beatles Anthology, "Director's Cut" - 10 discs

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Really sorry for the wait and inconvenience, everybody.

12/4/21- All 10 discs are up on FileFactory and should be good. Thank you to all that stood by me and the bullshit. I sincerely hope you guys enjoy!! :D

NEW MEGA LINK, 12/8/21











DISC 10:
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Thank you so much! Can't wait!

Are there actually 10 Discs in the 'Directors Cut' Anthology?
Well, 9 at least :)

It goes up through Let It Be and, unfortunately, finishes before Abbey Road and the end of the Beatles.
Thank you for sharing. For some reason, for Disc 4, VTS_2_03 keeps coming up with a decryption fail to download error. FYI
Thank you for letting me know! I half-expected that. I know I gotta reup that - I left my computer on uploading and went to work. When I came back it was off and must've overheated/crashed at some point while uploading.

Please let me know of any other errors you find :)
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Thank you for fixing it. All good; DL'd just fine.
I didn't get around to fixing it yet - was gonna reup it in the morning. So great news that it does actually work! :D
Thanks for this!! I found that disc 2 won't play with VLC or MPC on my pc. Is there an issue with disc 2?
Can you elaborate? Does it freeze or give an error? etc. Also, for the hell of it, have you tried just opening individual .VOB files and not the whol .IFO?

Just trying to figure out. If worst comes to worst I'll reup it this weekend :D

Can anybody else check their Disc 2 download as well?
Thanks for this!! I found that disc 2 won't play with VLC or MPC on my pc. Is there an issue with disc 2?
There's a file missing from disc 2 which is why it wont play 'VIDEO_TS.VOB' - any chance of a re-upload?

I typed out a lengthy response to kinsfubar and then saw your post hel123 :D

The more I think about it I might just reupload the whole thing from scratch at this point, lol
So sorry guys. I know you all want this bad and I am gonna do it in a day or two. Please bear with me!
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Thanks for this my friend. Just for clearfy, all works well brother. Sometimes is the operational system that we all have on our Pc. No need for re-ups I think...
Thrilled to finally get this. Thank you in advance for uploading the rest!
Awesome christiandiaz :) Thanks for letting me know.

Kaleidophonics - absolutely! For years I was unable to upload anything but now that I finally can, I do whenever I am able to. Every little bit helps and it feels good getting a thanks for it :p

Hope you enjoy once I get them up this weekend! :D
yeah, re-upping might fix it. I just noticed I was unable to DL that part as well. Thank you
I can rip disc2 to a MKV file just fine. It just won't load as a DVD in any software I've tried.
Hey friend Disc 2 have problems also : "VIDEO_TS VOB error.incorrect password / decryption error". Can you fixed it please? Thank you.
Yea, I'm just gonna reup them. So sorry for the wait on this guys. Really. Gonna start again tomorrow morning because I'll be able to leave my computer on and uploading while I'm gone all day.
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Ok, I'm deleting the "VIDEO_TS VOB" in disc 2 and reupping that. Let me know if that solves any problems.
That appears to be the main issue people are having. I will reup that and begin on volume 5 :)

Let me know if there are any other errors you find and I will fix them :D
Ok I reupped that file and Volumes 5/6 are uploading now :)
Disc 5 and 6 should both be up now. Gonna start 7 and 8
I just tried the new VIDEO_TS.VOB file, and disc 2 is still not working. Sorry, don't know what's wrong.

I'm really sorry mate. Don't know what to tell you. Works totally fine on my end :( Would you be interested in a torrent file if I can point you towards one?
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Just a heads up...
Disc 6 is a duplicate link of Disc 5 so no Disc 6 yet avail..

Could you check the link for Disc 6?

Again, thank you so much for the work!! :)
Woops! Wrong link - thanks for the heads up. Posting the proper link now :)
I just completed downloading all 9 discs, and the only one that won't play is disc 2. If you have another source for disc 2, let me know and I'll try that one.
Bummer! I'm gonna try to find a torrent for this :) Disc 10 coming later today (gotta edit my OP - forgot it was 10 and not 9. Golly this whole thread is a mess. I'm so sorry!!!)

Hi WW. Thanks for all the work you have been putting into this. Above you mentioned a torrent link. If you have one that would be awesome!
I'll see what I can find on The Traders Den as I don't have DIME. :)

Thank you for these!

So does anybody have a 'Replacement for Disc 2' and the 'Missing Disc 10' to get this set competed?
Disc 10 isn't missing - didn't have time yesterday to up it. Gonna up it today :D
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You're good warewolf95, appreciate your working this. But if you do have the torrent for this, that'd be cool too. Thank you again
The whole set appears to be up in 5 torrent parts:


Still gonna get disc 10 up later - hope you can get disc 2 working.
Thanks - I'm downloading the disc2 torrent now. I'll let everyone know when I complete and if it works correctly.
:) Sounds good!

Yea, I originally downloaded mine from the MEGA links on that blog that I posted in the request thread for this. They were fine at the time but are mostly dead now. Point is that was my source for these so who knows if the poster on that blog posted those with an error that isnt present in the torrent.

Awaiting your results :)
Alright guys, disc 10 is up. Thanks for sticking with me on this :p
Okay, I just checked the torrent download and disc2 plays just fine in VLC player, so the torrent is good. I'll upload disc2 from the torrent so everyone can directly download it without waiting for the torrent. Thanks for your help - great job on this upload!!
Thank you! I am going to download that and replace my disc 2 in the folder. That'll be later tonight :)

Just in case anyone might be interested I am attaching an info file that details the 10 Volume's contents that I found on-line.

And thanks again warewolf for your dedicated efforts on this!
Thanks Scottie! Putting that in the folder now - my copy of this set did not have any info file.

Okay guys, here's the download link for disc2 that I got from the torrent site. Tested and works fine with VLC player.

3.89 GB folder on MEGA
Sick :)
Thanks for this. Are all the fixes now in the original link or does a guy have to download all the fixes too?
The link in my OP is current and up to date. I will be reuploading Disc 4 tomorrow though as errors have been reported with that one as well. May as well just wait to DL til tomorrow sometime :p
How to download?
The link in the OP - might as well wait another day though as I'm reupping disc 4 tomorrow due to an error during upload.
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