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ARTIST: The Beatles
TITLE: Ringo's Private Reel
Running time: 75 minutes


In the early eighties, a tape leaked from the UK that was supposedly copied from a videotape that Ringo had just converted over from 16mm films. At the same time a transfer of "One Hand Clapping" came over, as well as the 1964 "Thank Your Lucky Stars" with "I'm A Loser", "Rock And Roll Music", etc.

These tapes had kept under the radar for awhile, but eventually was the source for a VHS out of Japan titled "The Beatles Private Reel".

I personally have never seen that video, but expect that it has been used as a source for most of the promotional film compilations out there (such as "Chronology").

The contents of the VHS Private Reel is:

She's A Woman / Ticket To Ride / Lady Madonna
Paperback Writer / Strawberry Fields Forever / Day Tripper
Don't Let Me Down / Hello Goodbye #1
It Don't Come Easy / Sentimental Journey / Suicide / Hello Goodbye #2
Back Off Boogaloo / Rain / Hello Goodbye #3 / Something
A Day In The Life

The quality on "Chronology" is better than this disc, however what you have here is the unedited, unprocessed original 3/4" tape copied to VHS, which then proceeded to deteriorate for many, many years.

I offer this as a record of a time when multiple versions of "Hello Goodbye", "Something", "A Day In The Life", the Chiswick Park "Rain", as well as almost every chapter on this tape, was never seen on home video. (Well, actually I had a copy of "Something" shot on 8mm at a Beatlefest from the 1st row aimed up at an angle.)

As bonus filler I have added:

Video Jukebox
John Peel presents an interview with Richard Lester, and the promos for "Strawberry Fields Forever", "Penny Lane" and "Hello Goodbye"

The "A Day In The Life" promo taken from a short film titled "Watch Out For Your Ears".
This film featured Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, and The New Animals, as well as including this Beatles promo. It looks the same to me, but I offer it due to it's unique source. One of the Hendrix clips in this film is the one of him performing "Sgt. Pepper" at the Saville Theatre, and the Joe Cocker clip is a promo for "With A Little Help From My Friends".

The Dirty Mac
from a black & white workprint for the Rolling Stones Rock N Roll Circus.

Chicago 1964 excerpt
from It's Only Rock N Roll's website auction

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