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The Beatles - The Ultimate 'Sessions' Collection [SBD]


1 Come And Get It
2 Leave My Kitten Alone
3 Not Guilty
4 I'm Looking Through You
5 What's The New Mary Jane
6 How Do You Do It
7 Besame Mucho
8 One After 909
9 If You've Got Trouble
10 That Means A Lot
11 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
12 Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
13 Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
*14 Revolution 1 (take 18)
**15 And Your Bird Can Sing (take 2)
***16 She's A Woman (take 7)
^17 Yes It Is (rechannelled stereo)
^^18 For You Blue ("Get Back" album version)
^^^19 Free As A Bird (outfake)
*20 Come And Get It (take 5)
***21 I'm A Loser (take 2)
#22 Don't Bother Me (take 10)
##23 Dizzy Miss Lizzy ("backing track" outfake)
###24 Revolution (take 15)
~25 Hello Goodbye (take 1)

All tracks taken from DESS "Sessions" (Version 2) except:
*Sessions (Fake Apple) ST 12373/4 (2LP set)
**Purple Chick Revolver Deluxe Edition
***Purple Chick Beatles For Sale Deluxe Edition
^Past Masters Vol. 1 (left channel-stereo mixed to mono/right channel-OOPsed version)
^^Purple Chick Let It Be Deluxe Edition
^^^Upgraded Collection-Highlights (I KNOW it's a different outfake...but this is SO much better!)
#Purple Chick With The Beatles Deluxe Edition
##Help (OOPSed)
~Miscelleneous Tracks (Yellow Dog 2005)

Thanks to:
djoseph56 for lossless transfer and SlvrHmrM for speed correction/surface noise removal on tracks 14 and 20

DISC TWO (UK colour version - fake EMI PROMO CD configuration)
Info link:
*1 Hello Little Girl
*2 Love Of The Loved
**3 How Do You Do It (Ultra Rare Trax mix)
**4 Do You Want To Know A Secret (take 7)
***5 One After 909 (true stereo outfake)
@@@6 That Means A Lot (stereo version)
###7 Shout (complete - mostly stereo)
^8 Leave My Kitten Alone (stereo version)
^^9 I'm Looking Through You (alt. stereo mix)
##10 Paperback Writer (alt. stereo mix)
#11 Strawberry Fields Forever (takes 4,25,26)
@12 The Fool On The Hill (demo)
@@13 I Am The Walrus (reference mix)
14 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (unedited take 1)
^^^15 What's The New Mary Jane (complete alt. mix)
16 Not Guilty (unedited take)
~17 I Me Mine (acetate)
~18 Goodbye (acetate)

Hidden tracks:
*19 Like Dreamers Do
*20 Besame Mucho (Ultra Rare Trax mix)
21 If You've Got Trouble (alt. stereo mix)
22 Christmas Time Is Here Again (alt. stereo mix)
23 Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (stereo reconstruction using "Sessions" configuration)
24 Come And Get It (stereo demo)

Bonus tracks (from original US versions):
~~25 Medley: Obladi Oblada/Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
~~~26 Real Love (video mix)

All tracks taken from Another Sessions...PLUS except for:
*Hope We Passed The Audition (Purple Chick)
**Please Please Me Deluxe Edition (Purple Chick)
***DESS "Sessions" (Version 2)
^Beatles For Sale Deluxe Edition (Purple Chick)
^^Rubber Soul Deluxe Edition (Purple Chick)
^^^Another Sessions...PLUS + Miscelleneous Tracks (Yellow Dog 2005)
#Sgt. Pepper Deluxe Edition (Purple Chick)
##Anthology VHS
###Anthology 1 + Around And Around (Silent Sea)
@Anthology 2
@@DESS Casualties
@@@Help! Deluxe Edition (Purple Chick)
~Acetates (2002)
~~Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 5
~~~Anthology DVD

Thanks to:
SlvrHmrM for getting me track 18

Link FLAC - Part1

Link FLAC - Part2

Link FLAC - Part1 - Mirror

Link FLAC - Part2 - Mirror
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