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Buttermilk Waltz Jam -> My Morning Song
Jealous Again
How Much For Your Wings -> Jam ->
Bring On, Bring On
Big Time
Girl From A Pawnshop
Crow Black Chicken
No Speak No Slave


A Buttermilk Waltz sprinkled jam and Chris calling to the crowd, "good morning, Good Morning, GOOD MORNING!" welcomed you into a cascading Morning Song. This twenty minute journey served as an appetizer to a jam tinged set. The band added a dose of the psychedelia during the jam between Wings and Bring On, a spooky musical seance highlighted by screeching guitar solos from Marc Ford. A driving cover of Neil Young's "Big Time" made its' first appearance of the tour, one of two covers played. Pawn Shop was a beautiful moment, due especially to virtuoso guitar work from Marc on his new Epiphone and Rich on his new Fender Strat. Marc took over the second half of the song with a highly dramatic presence on lead. A rowdy No Speak topped off the Southern Harmony sandwich of a set.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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