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The Castiles
Back when The Boss was young!

Mr Music Inc

01 That's What You Get
02 Baby I

Live rehearsals at site - and then formal recording - of two “Springsteen-Theiss” songs, “Baby I” and “That’s What You Get”. Bruce and George wrote both songs in Tex Vinyard’s car on the way to Mr Music, a company that no longer exists but was then-located at 2785 Hooper Ave in what is part of the Brick Mall complex. George Theiss has confirmed that these were the only two songs that Bruce and he ever co-wrote. The recordings were cut directly to disc, which resulted in a significant loss of fidelity compared to how the band actually sounded. Unfortunately no master tape of the rehearsal or recording takes was ever made, although 7 or 8 test pressings of the studio takes were made (at least 4 of which survive).

The Left Foot

1st Set

01 Fire
02 See My Friend
03 Catch The Wind
04 Omaha
05 Steve's Song
06 Jeff's Boogie

2nd Set

01 Purple Haze
02 Get Off My Live, Woman
03 Hold On, I'm Coming
04 You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At It's Cover
05 Elenor Rigby
06 Suzanne
07 Jeff's Boogie

Double bill, with PURPUL DYNESTE opening and THE CASTILES headlining. Each band played two 30-minute sets. This was grand opening night at The Left Foot, an "over 13 under 18" club located in the recreation centre of St Peter's Episcopal Church at 37 Throckmorton St. Sadly The Left Foot had a short existence (7 months). This was the first of only 2-ever live appearances by The Castiles at the club – fortunately both appearances were audience recorded by Left Foot Manager (and St Peter’s priest) Fred Coleman on a good quality reel-to reel device.
All 13 songs are covers of other artists’ material, including The Blues Magoos’ “One By One” and Moby Grape’s “Omaha”. The inspiration for often-covered “Get Out Of My Life, Woman” was the Paul Butterfield Blues Band version. Similarly the inspiration for Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” was the 1966 Judy Collins recording. Although Springsteen may have started out in mid 1965 singing mostly background vocals, it is clear that by this point Bruce is the band’s focal point. Bruce handles the lead vocals on all songs except “Eleanor Rigby”, The Kinks “See My Friends” and The Blues Project’s haunting “Steve’s Song” (all handled by George Theiss). Tex Vinyard, The Castiles’ manager, is heard introducing the band at the start of the 2nd set. Interestingly the group uses The Yardbirds instrumental “Jeff’s Boogie” twice, as both the set closer and show closer

The Left Foot

01 One By One
02 The Letter
03 Mr Jones
04 San Francisco Nights
05 Omaha
06 Hey Joe
07 My Generation
08 Look Into My Window
09 With A Little Help From My Friends

THE CASTILES headlining. This was the band’s 2nd gig at the club. The abovementioned 13-song setlist represents The Castiles’ complete performance at this show, in the correct song sequence. As was the case two weeks earlier, St Peter’s priest Fred Coleman made an audience recording of the festivities. However the recorder was positioned in a different spot, so the recording did not come out as well as the first show. Unfortunately one song was not recorded (a Springsteen vocal rendition of The Grateful Dead’s arrangement of the Tim Rose/Bonnie Dobson classic “Morning Dew”) and only very brief snippets of six of the other songs were captured. Consequently (and in contrast to the earlier show) only 26 minutes of the band’s 60-minute performance exists on the original master tape.

George Theiss takes the lead vocal on “With A Little Help From My Friends”, “San Franciscan Nights” and “The Letter”. The former incorporates a brief instrumental rendition of “Winchester Cathedral” at the end. There were also two original compositions performed at this show. Bruce sings lead on “Mr Jones”, written by organist Bob Alfano. There is also a Springsteen-Theiss creation, “Look Into My Window”, with shared vocals. At one point Bruce calls for requests and someone shouts for “Sidewalk”, a Springsteen creation from 1965 - however the band plays “San Franciscan Nights” instead. Besides the ancient traditional instrumental “Circus March”, other titles (with Springsteen lead vocals) include “Hey Joe”, “My Generation”, The Coasters’ “Wake Me Shake Me” and the evening’s encore, The Bee Gees “To Love Somebody”. Note: This was The Castiles’ final appearance at The Left Foot. Although having only opened in September 1967, The Left Foot’s popularity dropped dramatically in March 1968 when the larger, trendier Freehold Hullabaloo club opened nearby. The Left Foot closed for good in April 1968.

Bruce Springsteen: Guitar Vocals Harmonica
George Theiss: Guitar Vocals
Bob Alfano: Keyboards
Curt Fluhr: Bass
Vinnie Manniello: Drums
Paul Popkin: Tambourine, Vocals
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