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Hi All,

New Year (that I wish happy to all) and new tracks ;-)

Here you will find a show from the gold years of the clash.

The setlist (with two cutted tracks at each ends of the original tape)
Each tape side on one cd.

The setlist :

Intro... London Calling
The Leader
Radio Clash
Clash City Rockers
Know Your Rights
Guns of Brixton
Train In Vain
Call Up
Rock the Casbah
Police & Thieves
Police on My Back
Magnificent 7
Wrong Em Boyo
Career Opportunties
Somebody Got Murdered
Brand New Cadilac
I Fought the Law
Armagideon Time
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Straight to Hell
Janie Jones

The files in flac :


Hey hey gabbah hey....please play very loud and remember this years ;-) :thumb:
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