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I had the idea whilst reading a thread at The Army, that if we contact as many websites/radio stations/magazines as possible, Warner might finally give in and release a CVH DVD.

I have already contacted Blabbermouth and a couple of Radio stations in the UK (23 to be exact), it would be great if people could do stuff on your side. Try and get a contact for Warners and bombard them with e-mails/letters/computer viruses until they finally give in.

I have reached boiling point, and I am not giving in until we have won.

This is what I have been e-mailing...

" The Van Halen brothers, and Warner Records, constantly release Van Halen DVDs and CDs featuring frontman Sammy Hagar, a man many die hard Van Halen fans despise. Because, as we all know, original frontman David Lee Roth fronted the band through their glory years, and during his time with the band have sold 34 million albums to date, compared to the 16 million sold with Hagar, and the 500,000 sold with third frontman, former Extreme frontman, Gary Cherone.

So, maybe you can understand the frustration that Van Halen's real fans feel when you can currently buy 2 live Videos/DVDs featuring Sammy Hagar on vocals and a greatest hits Video/DVD featuring 13 Sammy Hagar-era videos and just 3 David Lee Roth-era videos.

However, the Van Halen brothers constantly claim that footage of the band from 1978-1984 does not exist. Well, I here have proof that a lot of footage DOES in fact exsist. The following list contains each and every known concert footage of Van Halen between 1978 and 1984...

1.) 5/13/79: Orpheum Theater, Boston MA....Video recordings Exists.

"A Dutch cinematographer (reportedly named Snade Krellmans) was hired to document the tour on film and the band intended to release a documentary that would rival the WHO's The KIds Are Alright and LED ZEPPELIN's THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME. UNFORTUNATELY, the footage was never released."

3.) 9/19-20/80: Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA... "At Least One of these L.A. shows was filmed. DAVE even invited the camera crew on stage to film the audience."

4.) 6/11, 12, & 13/81: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA... According to DAVE, ALL THREE OF THESE SHOWS were filmed, but only the third night was a keeper. According to WARNER BROTHERS, special attention was paid to the FIRST show...There remains some confusion about exactly which show was used for the (three) videos."

5.) 7/28/81: Capitol Centre, Largo, MD... WARNER BROTHERS films these shows.

6.) 10/11-12/82: Capitol Centre, Largo, MD...WARNER BROTHERS filmed these shows.

7.) 10/27/82: Montreal Forum, Montreal, QE...Video recordings exist.

8.) 11/13/82: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY...Video recordings exist.

9.)1/16/83: Paliebro, Caracas, VENEZUELA....Video recording exist.

10) 1/22/83: Ibirapuera Gymnasium, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL...Video recording exists.

11.) 2/11/83: Auditorio Obras, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA...Video
recording exist.

12.) 5/29/83:US FESTIVAL Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino, CA...Video exist. "Four of the songs performed were included in a special ShowTime presentation of the three-day event: "Running With the Devil." "(Oh) Pretty Woman," "You Really got ME," " and "Happy Trails". The film was done by Pacific Video and was produced by Robert Lombard and Noel Monk. Donn Landee was in charge of the audio. All four tunes were touched up with numerous overdubs prior to being shown."

13.) 3/26/04: Capitol Centre, Largo, MD...

WARNER BROTHERS films this show.

14.) 4/19/84: Montreal Forum, MOntreal, QE...Video recording exist.

15.) 8/18/84: Donington Park Castle, Donington, Leicestershire, UK...This VAN HALEN show was FILMED and the performance of "Hot For Teacher" was used by European MTV.

Now, I myself have managed to obtain a bootleg DVD of Van Halen @ the US FEST in 1983, along with other footage including-

-Promotional footage for Van Halen's debut album
-Van Halen performing on TV stations
-Promo videos for Pretty Woman/Jump/Panama/Hot For Teacher
-Countless interviews
-A short film made for TV supposedly showing Van Halen backstage at the US FEST in 1983.

So, we at the Roth Army are sick of both Eddie and Alex Van Halen and Warner Bros Records conning REAL Van Halen fans with the rubbish they have produced since 1985. WE WANT SOME OFFICIAL LIVE DOCUMENTS, WE WANT A RETROSPECTIVE DVD WHICH DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE IMPOSTER WE KNOW AS SAMMY HGAR-THE RED ROCKED TAMPON.

We do, however need as much public attention in the rock world as possible, so we would appreciate it if you could report on our cause, along with the other places I am going to contact.

There is an online petition at

Thankyou very much,
Shaun Ponsonby,
One of the 15,000 members of the Roth Army.

Here is where we live-"


I have also been able to find the following contact information for Warner Bros Records.

Address: 3300 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505-4694

Phone: 818-846-9090

Fax: 818-846-8474

Chairman and CEO: Tom Whalley
SVP Media Relations: Bill Bentley

I don't have the ACTUAL e-mail address for Bill Bentley, but I have found a way to contact him. The link below takes you to a page which is a contact form for Warners SVP Media relations guy Bill Bentley, its actually to ask a question about Eric Crapton, but YOU NEED to tell him to tell Tom Whalley to release some CVH stuff on DVD.

It'll do for now.
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